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On Writing & Riding: The Full List

Sunset with the Quickbeam

With the On Writing & Riding series reaching its finale, I wanted one last post of all the blogs featured over the past month.

My blog selection process was not based on any particular criteria. Rather, I simply asked these questions, “What bicycling blogs do I like and look forward to reading?” “What blogs do I want to learn more about?”

This list answers those questions.

Thanks to everyone who said yes to being part of On Writing & Riding. And thanks to all of you who read along.

On Writing & Riding: Iron Rider

Today is the final installment of the On Writing & Riding Series. These interviews evolved out of a desire to learn about the behind-the-blog thoughts of some of my favorite bloggers. Many thanks to all who took the time to contribute and be part of this series.

We close On Writing & Riding with Iron Rider, who writes primarily about randonneuring (although he coffeeneurs too!).

Iron Rider’s posts not only capture a ride well, but he has always seemed to enjoy a sense of freedom with his writing. He is not afraid to experiment and vary the way he expresses himself, and that keeps me coming back to his writing.

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On Writing & Riding: Tales From The Sharrows

 “Sometimes you’re the lead guitarist, thrashing through power chords with a raw energy and other times you’re in the back with the tambourine, beating it against the front of your leg and swaying side to side.”

-from Ride In 2/21: Have a cantaloupe, Lassie

If you live and ride in Washington, D.C., you might be able to guess today’s On Writing & Riding guest. Who else could it be but Brian, of Tales From The Sharrows. For more than two years, Brian blogged his commute into the office as well as the ride home. Well-known (and dare I say loved?) in #BikeDC, this series would not be complete without featuring him.

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On Writing & Riding: mmmmbike!

It’s the final week of the On Writing & Riding series. Only three blogs remain! I hope you’ve liked following along.

Today we go to San Francisco for a conversation with mmmmbike!, another of my favorite randonneuring blogs.

When I read mmmmbike!, this is some of what dances through my mind. Ride over mountains. Ride by the ocean. Ride on pavement and even on dirt. Pursue your goals with gusto. Share the challenge and make good rando-memories with your friends.

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On Writing & Riding: anniebikes

I first came to know anniebikes through comments she made on other blogs I read. She is one of few bloggers I know who not only takes time to write her own content, but regularly reads and thoughtfully comments on others’ posts.

Annie writes frankly about day rides near her home in Vermont and the self-supported touring she does in a variety of places. (This past year Annie rode the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal.) Annie also explores other bike-related topics, like this recent favorite of mine, Fat Bikes in the Olympics? For Annie, the bicycle is part of everyday life.

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On Writing & Riding: gypsy by trade

Your bicycle can take you to faraway places, if you let it. It can take you out of the familiar city into terrain you’ve only heard about and maybe only previously considered in an abstract way on some map you saw once

That’s what I think about when I read Nicholas’s writing about his and Lael’s travels on gypsy by trade. Don’t weigh yourself down with anything extra. Get on your bike. Be resourceful. Explore. Better yet, do it all with your partner. 

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On Writing & Riding: BicycleKitty

BicycleKitty is a high-mileage bike rider who hails from Portland, Oregon. Her cycling interests range from alley cats to randonneuring… and most recently, cyclocross.

Direct and engaging in her writing style, I always look forward to reading BicycleKitty. She’s also the kind of rider who wants to try new things and push her own limits. I’m so glad she shares her experiences on her blog.

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On Writing & Riding: Urban Adventure League

Today’s On Writing & Riding finds us spending some time with Shawn Granton, the man behind Urban Adventure League.

Many readers may be familiar with Urban Adventure League, either through Shawn’s drawings, recaps of rides around Portland, or perhaps through his passion for three-speeds and letter writing (yes, real letters!).

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On Writing & Riding: Family Ride

Not having much familiarity with family biking (except for my own family bicycling tales growing up), I wanted to see how others made transportation cycling with kids work. Through last year’s Errandonnee I caught a glimpse into how Family Ride out in Seattle, Washington, does it.

Filled with stories that make it seem as though anyone can do transportation cycling with their kids, Family Ride has given me a front seat to seeing how family biking happens in an urban area and how it changes as kids get older. As time has passed, it’s been exciting to watch Family Ride’s children transition from spending their time on the back of the bike to riding independently. And, most exciting,  I also see the next generation of cyclists in action.

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On Writing & Riding: An Old Guy on 2 Wheels

Bike advocate, transportation cyclist, bike blogger, community bike shop volunteer. These are a few of the terms that describe Tim, the writer behind An Old Guy on 2 Wheels, who lives and blogs in Austin, Texas.

I began reading An Old Guy on 2 Wheels when I was going through my Surly Big Dummy infatuation. The errands and shopping Tim could do with that bike made me ponder a world where everyone ditched their cars and owned something like a Big Dummy. It’s a great visual.

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