On Writing & Riding

On Writing & Riding: The Full List

With the On Writing & Riding series reaching its finale, I wanted one last post of all the blogs featured over the past month. My blog selection process was not based on any particular criteria. Rather, I simply asked these questions, “What bicycling blogs do I like and look forward […]

On Writing & Riding: Iron Rider

Today is the final installment of the On Writing & Riding Series. These interviews evolved out of a desire to learn about the behind-the-blog thoughts of some of my favorite bloggers. Many thanks to all who took the time to contribute and be part of this series. We close On […]

On Writing & Riding: Tales From The Sharrows

 “Sometimes you’re the lead guitarist, thrashing through power chords with a raw energy and other times you’re in the back with the tambourine, beating it against the front of your leg and swaying side to side.” -from Ride In 2/21: Have a cantaloupe, Lassie If you live and ride in […]

On Writing & Riding: mmmmbike!

It’s the final week of the On Writing & Riding series. Only three blogs remain! I hope you’ve liked following along. Today we go to San Francisco for a conversation with mmmmbike!, another of my favorite randonneuring blogs. When I read mmmmbike!, this is some of what dances through my mind. […]

On Writing & Riding: anniebikes

I first came to know anniebikes through comments she made on other blogs I read. She is one of few bloggers I know who not only takes time to write her own content, but regularly reads and thoughtfully comments on others’ posts. Annie writes frankly about day rides near her home […]

On Writing & Riding: gypsy by trade

Your bicycle can take you to faraway places, if you let it. It can take you out of the familiar city into terrain you’ve only heard about and maybe only previously considered in an abstract way on some map you saw once That’s what I think about when I read […]

On Writing & Riding: BicycleKitty

BicycleKitty is a high-mileage bike rider who hails from Portland, Oregon. Her cycling interests range from alley cats to randonneuring… and most recently, cyclocross. Direct and engaging in her writing style, I always look forward to reading BicycleKitty. She’s also the kind of rider who wants to try new things […]

On Writing & Riding: Urban Adventure League

Today’s On Writing & Riding finds us spending some time with Shawn Granton, the man behind Urban Adventure League. Many readers may be familiar with Urban Adventure League, either through Shawn’s drawings, recaps of rides around Portland, or perhaps through his passion for three-speeds and letter writing (yes, real letters!).

On Writing & Riding: Family Ride

Not having much familiarity with family biking (except for my own family bicycling tales growing up), I wanted to see how others made transportation cycling with kids work. Through last year’s Errandonnee I caught a glimpse into how Family Ride out in Seattle, Washington, does it. Filled with stories that make […]

On Writing & Riding: An Old Guy on 2 Wheels

Bike advocate, transportation cyclist, bike blogger, community bike shop volunteer. These are a few of the terms that describe Tim, the writer behind An Old Guy on 2 Wheels, who lives and blogs in Austin, Texas. I began reading An Old Guy on 2 Wheels when I was going through my Surly […]

On Writing & Riding: The Hudson Valley Randonneur

I’ve become a regular reader of several randonneuring blogs, including today’s feature, The Hudson Valley Randonneur written by George S., who is based in the Hudson River Valley of New York state. I was already a regular reader of The Hudson Valley Randonneur in 2010 when Felkerino and I were […]

On Writing & Riding: Kent’s Bike Blog

If you read blogs about bicycling, it is quite likely that you know of Kent’s Bike Blog. Kent is based in Issaquah, Washington, and his was one of the first blogs I turned to when I first became interested in long-distance riding. I wanted to read others’ stories of long […]

On Writing & Riding: Town Mouse

On Writing & Riding goes back across the pond (as the farmers in my hometown would say) to talk with Sally of Town Mouse. I began reading Town Mouse over a year ago. It caught my attention because I really know nothing about Scotland or its bicycling infrastructure. The posts […]

On Writing & Riding: Pondero

I began reading Pondero late last year and it quickly became one of my must-read blogs. Pondero has a good sense of humor and an affinity for bike rides, coffee in the country, and relaxed moments hanging out with his bikes (at least two of which are Rivendells). His recent […]

On Writing & Riding: Pennine Pedaling

For this edition of “On Writing & Riding” we’re taking a trip to the Pennines in England to chat with Georgie, the author of Pennine Pedaling. I first “met” Georgie through the 2012 edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge and quickly learned that she has a love for dirt roads, hilly terrain, […]

On Writing & Riding: A Few Spokes Shy of a Wheel

This week begins a new series of posts called “On Writing & Riding,” and is titled after Stephen King’s book “On Writing.” On Writing & Riding features some of my favorite blogs about bicycling, and the upcoming interviews discuss various parts of the blogging and writing process, particularly as they […]