Congratulations, Coffeeneurs!

The intrepid coffeeneurs began their journey on September 24. Many started, but the weeks passed quickly and unfortunately, not everyone who started made it to the finish.

Coffeeneuring: I heart you

For some, pressing life events intervened, preventing coffeeneuring challenge completion: “I have no excuse except that I got distracted by Halloween stuff.”

Others fell ill: “I had a cold, so can I claim coughy-nuering points?”

The last weekend of October arrived and the time for official coffeeneuring was at an end. Who remained?

Ultimately, 12 coffeeneurs successfully completed the inaugural coffeeneuring challenge. You did it, coffeeneurs! Well done.

12 coffeeneur challengers, 12 patches

It’s harder than I thought to complete this challenge, especially with the colder weather and rain sneaking in an appearance or two. As you may recall, Felkerino and I were out coffeeneuring at 9 p.m. on the final evening so he could complete his final ride. Sheesh!

The results have been homologated and below is the final tally of the coffeeneurs who completed rides of at least two miles to seven different coffee shops over the course of the past six weeks. Results presented in the order they were submitted.

  1. Tara H. (@whatsupwheaton) of Wheaton, Maryland
  2. Simon B. (@whatsupwheaton) of Wheaton, Maryland
  3. George S. (@GeorgeSwain) from the Hudson Valley, New York
  4. Vannevar (yes, a pseudonym!) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  5. Bill A. (@tangobiker) of Portland, Oregon (phew, the Pacific Northwest did represent.)
  6. Nicole (@nikki_d) of Washington, D.C.
  7. Mike B. (@chespksailor) from Severna Park, Maryland
  8. Kelly S. of Fairfax, Virginia
  9. John (@dirteng) of Washington, D.C.
  10. Ted T. of Eagle River, Alaska (Yeah, Alaska!)
  11. Randy R. of Severna Park, Maryland
  12. Felkerino (@dailyrandonneur) of the Dining Room Bike Shop and Washington, D.C.

I will be featuring some of these accomplished coffeeneurs, their rides, and coffee shop destinations over the next week or two.

In recognition of their achievement, each coffeeneur will receive an official coffeeneuring patch, 12 of which are shown above. Sorry the photo is not better, but you get the idea. I will be in touch with each person to work out the details of distributing the patches.

Congratulations to all. Coffeeneuring forever!


  1. Can’t believe no other Pacific Northwesterners completed this! Especially with all the hot-rod randonneurs up there in coffee-culture-esque Seattle. (Guess they’re too busy completing multiple R-12’s or something.) Oh well! This sure caught my imagination. Thanks for putting it together, Mary.


    • I was surprised, too! Maybe the lure of the R-12 was just too strong. But I thought the lure of coffee was even stronger :). Maybe next go?


  2. Awesome challenge, MG. I’m already scheming on coffee shops for the next coffeeneuring “season.” I should have known this hard work was going to result in something as stylish as a coffeeneuring patch since it was organized by none other than the genius behind Cycling Cap Tuesdays. Allez!


    • Thanks, George! Can’t wait to see what you do w/ your patch! I can’t take credit for Cycling Cap Tuesdays (though I do think it is brilliant. I’m just an early adopter of the trend :)). Cycling Cap Tuesday is the creation of @travcaldwell and @sognrider.


  3. It was definetly a blast to get to these places even during a Century Ride in Talbot County Maryland. Would love to do it again maybe add the challange that the outside temp be below 40 degrees… well maybe 50.



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