Women BikeDC With Jackie N. Bike to Live! Part 2

We’re back for the second part of the Women BikeDC interview with Jackie N. of Capitol Hill. Did you miss Part 1? Don’t worry, you can find it here.

Today’s questions cover what it’s like to be a woman who rides, and we also talk about the Jackie’s bikes as well her favorite gear.

What do you think prevents women from riding a bike?

I think that a lot of women are scared or intimidated by riding a bike in the city. I know I was.

Also, I think that many women have the primary role of caretakers for their children. They don’t have time to go out for a ride.

I am an Ob-Gyn and many of my Mom’s with small children find it difficult to exercise period, much less to get out for two-hour bike ride.

The equipment may also be a barrier. It’s expensive and complicated. It requires maintenance too.


How does it feel to be a woman who rides in an area where women are less than 26% of the riding population?

I don’t feel like a real minority when I am riding. I’m happy to see more and more women out cycling. The increase has been super apparent in mountain biking and it’s great to find some cool women to bike with.

What are the issues you deal with as a woman cyclist, or is it something you think about?

I think one of the biggest issues has been dealing with saddle problems. Women who cycle frequently have issues with their bottoms!

Many have expressed this on the Women and Bike site. There is a real lack of literature on how to deal with these things and trust me, I’ve looked! I feel that there is a big gap in sports medicine aimed at women athletes.

Jackie Pivot

Tell me about your bike (bikes).

I have a Pivot mountain bike. It is bright green and my husband changed a lot of the parts to pink for an accent. I LOVE riding my mountain bike in the woods and connecting with nature. I can see so much more than if I were hiking.

I have a Pinarello road bike that I love because it is super light and fast.

I have a touring bike that I also use on my trainer in the winter.

I have my college mountain bike from 1994 that is an old GT Zaskar. My husband redid it for me with custom wood fenders and a custom headbadge depicting my doggies. It is my grocery grabber and bike for heading out to dinner. This bike has tons of style and is the one I ride in the Tour de Fat bike parade every year.

I have a jump bike that I use just to play at the skills park at Rockburn in Maryland. It’s just fun!

It’s a lot of bikes but I use them ALL. They are like my children and all special in their own way. I agree with Gary Fisher who talks about purpose-built bikes.


What bike accessories do you consider must-haves?

Oh goodness! I LOVE gear. I like my Garmin so I can track my rides. The bike racks are a must have for hauling stuff around.

What’s one of the best adventures you’ve ever had on a bike?

Exploring the Italian Alps on bike was pretty epic. We did a ride with a guide on one of the days we visited. We shuttled to Switzerland and then rode back to Italy through meadows, along cliffs, through the woods. It was so beautiful.


What is one word or phrase that summarizes your bicycling experience?

Bike to live!!

I could talk all day about bikes! The topics are endless.

Jackie, thank you again for sharing your bicycle story on the blog. Hope to see you out and about in BikeDC one of these days.

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