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Category: Commute Reflections

Friday Coffee Club: On Firsts and Farewells

Friday Coffee Club started when a tweet went out from Felkerino to #BikeDC  suggesting a Friday morning rendezvous at Swings Coffee, a local coffeehouse near the White House Plaza. The […]

The Pennsylvania Avenue Bike Lane Dilemma

Washington, D.C., welcomed the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes to the city in the middle of June 2010. These lanes, as all #BikeDC riders well know, are situated in the middle […]

The Bike Commuter Code: Part 2

The Bike Commuter Code has spurred a lot of insightful conversations and comments from fellow commuters. Brian, of Tales from the Sharrows, even wrote his own post about my post […]

The Bike Commuter Code

Having commuted in Washington, D.C., for several years, I’ve noticed that many of us operate under an unwritten set of rules that I’ve been calling the “bike commuter code.” I […]

How Do You Move Through the Stoplights?

Have you ever thought about how much traffic lights influence your commute? I bet you have. Traffic lights might have even figured into how you originally laid out your commute […]

The Wheel of Influence

Why did you start riding a bicycle? Who are the people that influenced you? I’ve been giving these questions heavy consideration as I think about the reasons that I started […]

I Voted… In My Socks

Today was Election Day, and like a good citizen who believes in our democratic process, I rode over to my D.C. polling place after work to cast my vote. I […]

Commute Trade-Offs: Safety

Seldom does a commute not involve some kind of trade-off. Bike commuters are often dealing with compromises, and my sense of safety is often one of those. Take yesterday, for […]

Get On the Sidewalk!

Most days, riding my bike is one of the most pleasurable activities of my day. Fresh air, exercise, breeze on my face, and pride in my mode of transport abound. […]

You Wear a Helmet, Don’t You?

Helmet use is an evergreen topic widely debated by cyclists and non-cyclists everywhere. Conclusion? No one agrees and this debate will rage until the end of days. I decided to […]

Look Mom! Re-Learning to Ride No-Handed

Sometimes I like to see myself as a “serious” bike rider. I ride in the rain and cold, maneuver adeptly in urban traffic, and participate in the occasional brevet. That’s […]