Winter Commute Days

While winter is not my most preferred cycling season, it does have its perks. Fewer people are out, making the city a more contemplative place, and non-cycling friends and colleagues regularly give me props for riding in less-than-inviting pedaling conditions. (“You’re so tough, MG.” Ha ha ha ha, we know the truth.) In exchange, I go through lengthy preparations for the outdoors – donning multiple … Continue reading Winter Commute Days

Coffeeneuring Bandana: Sold Out!

Friends of coffeeneuring, I hope you all are well. The Coffeeneuring Challenge has concluded for 2017, and submissions continue to reach Coffeeneuring Headquarters. If you have not yet submitted your rides, there is still time. Patches will be ordered after November 30 – I will then have a better sense of the overall number to order – and I plan to send them out mid-December … Continue reading Coffeeneuring Bandana: Sold Out!

Freedom’s Run Marathon: Do It Yourself Duathlon

An annual tradition continued this year, as I completed my fourth consecutive “Ride to Harpers Ferry from D.C. on Friday, Run Freedom’s Run Marathon on Saturday, and Ride Home from Harpers Ferry on Sunday” do-it-yourself duathlon. If you look at the low running miles in the bank this year, I did not deserve this run, but I must be doing something right because this was … Continue reading Freedom’s Run Marathon: Do It Yourself Duathlon

Seven is a Lucky Number: The 7th Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge

My favorite birthday card ever was from my seventh birthday. The card read: “Seven is a lucky number That’s what people say And so your seventh birthday Ought to be your lucky day.” The Coffeeneuring Challenge turns seven this year, surely a lucky year. Ironically, we kick it all off on Friday the 13th of October. Many thanks to all who have participated and brought … Continue reading Seven is a Lucky Number: The 7th Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge

Yoga: It’s Like Riding a Bike

Since I started going to yoga in May, I’ve been keeping a journal of my experiences with it. Nothing long, just a few sentences per class. So far, my notes vacilate between small moments of accomplishment and periods of intense frustration. The worst student of yoga in all the land in one entry, a pupil with potential the next. Yoga reminds me of the initial … Continue reading Yoga: It’s Like Riding a Bike

Save the Date: Coffeeneuring Challenge Starts October 13

Hello readers, the Coffeeneuring Challenge is back for the 7th year (SEVEN!) and you are going to love it! And it kicks off on Friday the 13th, too, so you won’t forget when to start pedaling. Here is a mini-Q&A teaser for you: Has the challenge changed much in the last year? No. Why no big changes? Because we need some predictability in our lives. … Continue reading Save the Date: Coffeeneuring Challenge Starts October 13

Go Where the Body Leads: Starting a Yoga Practice

At last November’s Philly Bike Expo, I moderated a panel on endurance cycling. Many topics were touched on over the session, but the one that stood out to me was a conversation Todd Parker led about the importance of activities other than cycling in order to strengthen the body overall and to avoid injuries. Months after the Expo, Todd’s comment stuck in my mind. Over … Continue reading Go Where the Body Leads: Starting a Yoga Practice

Winter Park to Boulder via Rollins Pass

Have you ever dated someone you knew in your heart wasn’t for you, but they had potential and you wanted it to work?  A thrill coursed through you every time you looked at them. You tried hard. When you spent hours together it started out awesome, but as time passed you always ended up arguing, until you eventually resigned yourself to the fact that you … Continue reading Winter Park to Boulder via Rollins Pass

Carbondale to Kremmling

Public Service Announcement: If you pedal at a 4.5 miles-per-hour pace near mosquitoes, be assured they will have their way with you. We spent today crawling along the rises between Carbondale, State Bridge, and Kremmling. Our ride was unlike the last couple of days, which have been a big up followed by a big descent and that concludes the day. Instead our route went up, … Continue reading Carbondale to Kremmling

Buena Vista to Carbondale

Runaway train never going back Wrong way on a one way track Seems like I should be getting somewhere Somehow I’m neither here nor there… –Soul Asylum Ever since we started pedaling from New Mexico, “Runaway Train” has lodged itself into my head and essentially become my 2017 bike tour theme song.  This is a song I haven’t thought about in years, I don’t really … Continue reading Buena Vista to Carbondale