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Category: Reflections

Tired is Not an Emergency

“Tired is not an emergency” reads the note on my D.C. Randonneurs cue sheet. “But please do let us know if you abandon.” Unlike club centuries or event rides, randonneuring […]

Seeing Clearly through Anxious Times

Hello readers, how are you doing? I wanted to say hello and that I hope everyone is taking care of themselves. In D.C., the flowers are blooming, and the cherry […]

One Month Plus with No Added Sugar

Every year I write goals about not eating junk food and losing weight. Almost every year I declare failure in meeting these targets, and add them onto next year’s resolution […]

Bike Tour Birthday Contrasts

March 2018. It’s my birthday and Felkerino and I are bike touring through California desert. Sand spreads out on all sides, the road undulates ahead. Cars and trucks zip by […]

Theme for 2019: Seeking Possibility

Happy New Year, dear readers! It’s been a while. In case it hasn’t been completely obvious, I have not felt much like writing lately. Instead I used unexpected free time […]