Bikes and coffee at Baked & Wired. MrTinDC

Coffeeneuring with MrTinDC around Washington, D.C.: Bikes, Coffee, and Good Friends

This weekend, the first two official Coffeeneuring Challenge submissions arrived in my mailbox. The first was from #bikeDC’s own MrTinDC. In the next weeks I expect many more to make it to the official finishing line.

I am a big fan of MrTinDC’s photography and his work is frequently featured in some of the on-line publications in our area. I asked if he would share his 2014 outings and photoset with us as well as a little bit about why the Coffeeneuring Challenge appealed to him. As you can see, he agreed.

Congratulations, MrTinDC, and thank you for the guest post!

Coffeeneuring with MrTinDC around Washington, D.C.

To put it simply, I love bikes, and I love coffee. They’ve both been an integral part of my life for decades, so coffeeneuring has a strong appeal for me. Coffee is so warm and comforting on a chilly bike ride in the fall or winter; and is there anything better than an iced coffee when you’re on a long bike ride on a hot summer day, and you’re on the verge of bonking?

In addition to combining biking and coffee drinking, coffeeneuring is rarely a solo activity. It seems natural to go coffeeneuring with friends, or to make new friends in the process. It’s a great excuse to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in awhile, or to meet someone you know from the internet in real life. In other words, coffeeneuring is a challenge involving my favorite things: bikes, coffee, and good friends.

MrTinDC - Coffeeneuring 1
MrTinDC – Coffeeneuring 1 at The Coffee Bar

Coffeeneuring Stop 1

The Coffee Bar. 12th & S Streets Northwest. Washington, D.C.

Total mileage 18.8, took the long way home.

Had a regular coffee.

Fun fact: we saw a very cute, friendly Corgi there. It’s very bike-friendly.

MrTinDC's Seven at The Coffee Bar
MrTinDC’s Seven at The Coffee Bar


Coffeeneuring Stop 2

MrTinDC at Vigilante
MrTinDC at Vigilante

Vigilante Coffee stand. Hyattsville CX races, Magruder Park, Hyattsville Maryland

Total mileage 8.2

It was very bike-friendly, and I had a regular small coffee w/cream & sweetener.

The barista was Grace from BicycleSpace, who grew up right down the street.

Coffeeneuring Stop 3

Lot 38 by MrTinDC
Lot 38 by MrTinDC

Lot 38 Espresso Bar. Canal Park in Southeast Washington, D.C.

Total mileage was 16.7

The coffee was good, and the bike parking ample.

Lot 38 uses Illy coffee, and the bathroom was really cold for some reason.

I had a regular small coffee and a banana.

Coffeeneuring Stop 4

Baked & Wired. Georgetown, right by the C&O Canal. Washington, D.C.

Bikes and coffee at Baked & Wired. MrTinDC
Bikes and coffee at Baked & Wired. MrTinDC

Total mileage was 20.6 (took the scenic route) and I had a skim latte.

The soy latte is Brook‘s.

There is pretty decent bike parking there.

One interesting fact about our visit, a cyclist on a high-end Cervelo just left it outside unlocked, and didn’t ask anyone to watch it for him.

MrTinDC's Coffeeneuring Group at Fletcher's Cove
MrTinDC’s Coffeeneuring Group at Fletcher’s Cove


Coffeeneuring Stop 5

The Del Rey, Virginia, outpost of M.E. Swings

M.E. Swings coffeeneuring, by MrTinDC
M.E. Swings coffeeneuring, by MrTinDC

I had a regular cup of coffee, which was excellent.

The bike parking was decent and it’s in a neat, old, repurposed industrial building with cool details.

Total mileage was 51.7, as we took the long way home.

Coffeeneuring at M.E. Swings by MrTinDC
Coffeeneuring at M.E. Swings by MrTinDC


Coffeeneuring 2014 Stop 6

Kaldi’s Coffee Bar. Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland

Kaldi's Coffeeneuring, by MrTinDC
Kaldi’s Coffeeneuring, by MrTinDC

I had a skim latte and a croissant.

Total mileage was 30, and the bike parking was OK, but not great.

Factoid: Kaldi’s is the site of Downtown Silver Spring’s (DTSS) coffee club on Tuesday mornings.


Coffeeneuring 2014 Stop 7

Coffeeneuring stop in Potomac Village with MrTinDC and friends
Coffeeneuring stop in Potomac Village with MrTinDC and friends

Vie de France. Potomac Village shopping center in Potomac, Maryland (River & Falls Road).

Total mileage was 65.7.

I had a small regular coffee and a plain croissant.

The shopping center is very bike-friendly, but could use actual bike racks.

We saw a lot of cute little dogs there, and I really needed the coffee after going up Angler’s Hill with all I had today.

One interesting thing, note how I use a Ziploc baggie to keep my wallet, keys, phone etc. clean and dry on bike rides.

MrTinDC coffeeneuring at Vie de France
MrTinDC coffeeneuring at Vie de France

Congratulations again, MrTinDC, on your successful coffeeneuring this year and thank you for sharing your photos and write-ups!

Coffeeneuring 3

Coffeeneuring with Paul and Maureen on the “Great White” Santana Noventa Tandem in Lynchburg, Virginia

How is your coffeeneuring progressing? Leaves might be falling and temps dropping, but I have a great story that might motivate you to step outside on these shorter cooler days of fall. 

By the way, if you have not yet added your stops to the Coffeeneuring Destinations Map, please feel free to contact Daniel in the Northeast Regional Office of Coffeeneuring and do it! The map is shaping up nicely, thanks to everyone’s input.

Now back to our guest post. Last year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge saw the first tandem team participants, Paul and Maureen out of the Lynchburg, Virginia area.

Never having visited that area before, and being a tandemnista myself, I was captivated by their coffeeneuring rides and asked if they’d be up for sharing their story. They agreed and here is the final product for your vicarious coffeeneuring pleasure. Thank you, Paul and Maureen!

Coffeeneuring with Paul and Maureen

This has been a wonderful experience and I KNOW we were out on the tandem on weekends when we probably would not have ridden without the challenge.

Over the last year and a half, with my cancer surgery and radiation, we haven’t ridden as much as we should, and that certainly wasn’t because we weren’t physically able to.

So to have completed rides on seven consecutive weekends has been a delight, and an encouragement to keep the momentum going. Thanks again for sponsoring the challenge and for all the support and excitement you have generated.

Paul and Maureen Coffeeneuring

Coffeeneuring #1

Coffeeneuring 1

  1. where you went: We opted for the Coffee Shop Without Walls option as it was Sunday in the Bible Belt and nothing else much was open, other than Starbucks, which was not how we wanted to start the challenge. This is in Hollins Mill Park on the Blackwater Creek Bikeway.
  2. the date you went there: October 6, 2013
  3. what you drank: We had french roast in a Moka Pot.
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: We often ride the Blackwater Creek Bikeway and enjoy it a lot. The park is a great place for picnics in the summer.
  5. total mileage: 14.5 miles

More photos


Coffeeneuring #2

Coffeeneuring 2013-1

  1. where you went: Magnolia Foods, 2476 Rivermont Ave, Lynchburg, VA 24503
  2. the date you went there: October 12, 2013
  3. what you drank: Paul had coffee and Maureen had a Pumpkin Spice coffee with whipped cream. Decadent!
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: It was a pleasant, though drizzly, ride among the beautiful fall foliage, with a fun stop at Riverside Park where Maureen enjoyed playing on the playground :-)
  5. total mileage. 10.2 miles


More photos

Coffeeneuring 2



Coffeeneuring #3

Coffeeneuring 2013-2

  1. where you went: The Farm Basket, 2008 Langhorne Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24501
  2. the date you went there: October 19, 2013
  3. what you drank: Ethiopia Sidamo for both of us, nice!
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: We ventured off-road somewhat, found some very mucky and slick spots, but managed to stay upright. Eventually connected with the Blackwater Creek Bikeway, and then moved onto streets to get to The Farm Basket. Returned on a shorter road route that kept us off the mucky stuff.
  5. total mileage. 14.8 miles

More photos

Coffeeneuring 3


Coffeeneuring #4

Coffeeneuring 2013-3

  1. where you went: The Depot Grille, 10 9th St, Lynchburg, VA 24504
  2. the date you went there: October 27, 2013
  3. what you drank: two regular coffees, because the espresso machine was broken and they weren’t going to replace it!! Bummer……
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: Forced into another Sunday ride, our options were limited. So we elected a ride that ended at one of our favorite restaurants where we had coffee and dessert.
  5. total mileage. 14 miles

More photos

Coffeeneuring 4


Coffeeneuring #5

Coffeeneuring 2013-4

  1. where you went: Walker’s Diner, 307 N Main St, Farmville, VA 23901
  2. the date you went there: November 3, 2013
  3. what you drank: two regular coffees
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: Went to the town of Farmville and rode a portion of High Bridge Trial State Park. Then rode back to Farmville to go to the very cute Walker Diner. Had two regular coffees and some wonderful peach crisp and, come to think of it, a delicious veggie wrap, but not necessarily in that order.
  5. total mileage: 10 miles

More photos

Coffeeneuring 5


Coffeeneuring #6

Coffeeneuring 2013-5

  1. where you went: The Muse Coffee Company, 1509 Enterprise Dr, Lynchburg, VA 24502
  2. the date you went there: November 9, 2013
  3. what you drank: two cappuccinos
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: Cold day but we combined running some errands with our coffeeneuring run, ending up at a genuine coffee shop, actually our first in the challenge.
  5. total mileage: 9.8 miles

More photos

Coffeeneuring 6


Coffeeneuring #7

Coffeeneuring 2013-6

  1. where you went: Montana Plains Bakery, 102 Tradewynd Dr, Lynchburg, VA
  2. the date you went there: November 16, 2013
  3. what you drank: Portland blend coffee
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: Short ride to complete the challenge and stay ahead of the rain. We rode to a small planned community development called Wyndhurst and visited the bakery there. While we were sitting outside enjoying our coffee we noticed that it was getting darker and more ominous looking, and so we headed for home.
  5. total mileage: 7.25 miles

More photos

Coffeeneuring 7

Thank you again, Paul and Maureen, for your excellent summary of rides and for sharing a little piece of your world with us. I hope you return to coffeeneur in 2015!

Marine Corps Marathon

Marine Corps Marathon: Celebrating Runners for 26.2 Miles

For 26.2 miles this past Sunday, I was a spec in a mammoth event, one of more than 27,000 people who swarmed the Washington, D.C. area for the opportunity to be part of an annual two-footed tour of the city—the Marine Corps Marathon.

For 26.2 miles, people’s cheers and encouragement seeped into my heart, propelling me forward. Spectators use poster board and glitter paint to make clever signs with messages like “I’m Feeling 26.2,” “You’re Running Better than Government” (still a popular one),  “Go Random Stranger!” and “Joe Biden thinks your marathon is a BFD.”

People plotted out spots to intersect the course, even if it meant walking to Metro-challenged areas that are typically less crowded, like Rock Creek Parkway and Hains Point.

Marine Corps Marathon

For 26.2 miles, Marines and other volunteers took excellent care of us, handing out water and other fuel at least every two miles. As the day was warm with full-on sun and a bit of wind, the frequent replenishment was welcome.

Bands and DJs aligned the route. Felkerino came out and met me at various places along the course, ringing a cow bell and shouting my name.

For 26.2 miles, I adored the waning October days of fall color. The tree canopies over Spout Run and Rock Creek Parkway glinted back at us in the morning sun. Those along the National Mall stood tall in their yellow leaf coats.

For 26.2 miles, I wondered about what compels us to the marathon distance. A test of physical and mental strength. Something to check off on life’s bucket list. An attempt at a personal best.

The opportunity to run in memory of a loved one. A way to pay homage to someone who died while fighting for our country. Diverse reasons draw us to the marathon starting line.

For 26.2 miles, people came out to celebrate the simple human act of running. D.C. doesn’t get excited by much, but it believes in the marathon.

You are doing something amazing, spectators tell you in so many different ways. You are part of something great. You can do it. Today is your day. If you let it, that energy will carry you to the finish line.

Marine Corps Marathon

For 26.2 miles, I was so grateful that Felkerino took time to come out and see me run (in between coffeeneuring). I fought tears as I made my way through the final 10K, caught up in the fanfare of the day, and once again awed by all that our bodies can do.

Have you ever seen the marathon sign that reads “Worst parade ever?” Don’t believe that sign, at least not when it comes to this event. The Marine Corps Marathon is a grand procession.

After 26.2 miles, a Marine placed a finisher’s medal around my neck and I walked off to hitch a tandem ride home with Felkerino. What a day to be a runner, and what a gift to enjoy and celebrate it for 26.2 miles.

coffeeneuring at Little Grill in Harrisonburg

A Coffeeneuring Destinations Map for Everyone: Your Help Welcome!

Hello, coffeeneurs (and other readers, too). I hope you were able to enjoy the weekend and perhaps even a cup of coffee (or tea) or two.

I’ve been talking with Daniel in the Northeast Regional Office of Coffeeneuring about setting up a map that includes coffeeneur ride destinations. He is the person behind last year’s World Coffeeneuring Map (mine was the colored pencils-based creation).

If you want to participate in shaping the Coffeeneuring Destinations Map, please contact Daniel via email.  Daniel does a better job than I do in explaining the mapping process in this post on his blog–yay, cartographers– but for the basic version, read on.

The Coffeeneuring Destinations Map allows you to add the following information about a shop:

  • Name;
  • Address;
  • Link to the location’s website;
  • Notes about your experience there;
  • Your Twitter or other social media identifier (blog, tweep, Facebook, Instagram, you get the idea).

After you add the info to the map, the spot will then appear on the Coffeeneuring Destinations Map for all to see.

coffeeneuring at Little Grill in Harrisonburg

This is for both coffee and tea, by the way so please let all the tea-drinking coffeeneurs (and chai-neurs, for that matter) know, too!

I hope you will try it out. Like I said, please email Daniel and he will get you started. It’s coffeeneurs sharing their knowledge to help others discover new places and spaces.

Photo courtesy MrTinDC

Coffeeneuring: More Than A Bike Ride in Search of a Hashtag

Lots of us ride to coffee (or tea), but only during this seven-week sliver between October and November do we officially coffeeneur.* Coffeeneuring is when bike rides to coffee (and other beverages) are shared and enjoyed by people far and wide.

Start this weekend and you can still officially complete the challenge of 7 rides to 7 distinct places. And even if you don’t, you can still have fun trying. The challenge ends November 16.

Why should you think about joining the Coffeeneuring Challenge? Here’s what some of the participants from last year’s edition had to say:

“Since this was my first coffeeneuring experience, I find it easy to relate it to riding a flêche where everyone is out completing their own rides, but we are all sharing in similar experiences. The idea of knowing others around the country were participating in the same activity motivated me to get out and ride!”
Steve in Burtonsville, Maryland

“7 rides, 7 coffee shops, 125.3 miles, 5596 feet climbing. I’d call that success!”
keithmo bikes, Richland, Washington

“It was great fun checking out new coffee places that I otherwise would probably not have visited, if not for coffeeneuring requirements.”
Cruisin’ Downhill, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

“We really had a lot of fun.”
Dan’s Rando Adventures, Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Courtesy MrTinDC
Courtesy MrTinDC

“Thanks for organizing this important community-building activity! It’s gratifying to a part of such a force for good, peace and harmony in the world.”
Andy’s Bike Blog Seattle, Washington

“We really enjoyed doing it.  The only thing better than riding a bicycle is sharing the joy of riding a bicycle with others.”
Paul (and Sally!) in St. Petersburg, Florida

“I look forward to it every year – gives us an excuse to just ride somewhere and visit over a cup of coffee.”
Lynne’s Mostly-Cycling Blog, Portland, Oregon

“Thanks so much for the motivation to keep the riding going even as it gets cold here in Western Maine.”
Christine in Bethel, Maine

Mr. T in DC Coffeeneuring
Courtesy of MrTinDC

“Family coffeeneuring is a great deal of fun. Sure, the mileage is a bit less (okay, an order of magnitude less), but it’s a great excuse to get the kids out even when the weather is less-than-perfect.”

Dan B. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“We had such a good time connecting with other riders! Thanks for putting this together.”
Jennifer T. in Leavenworth, Kansas

“I had a great time biking to new places, taking photos and drinking coffee. It was like all of my hobbies rolled into one :)”
Joe Flood, Washington, D.C.

“Drinking coffee (or at least hot beverages) is a great unifier for cyclists from all walks of life!”
Will in McLean, Virginia

Photo courtesy MrTinDC
Courtesy of MrTinDC

Four years ago, the number of people who finished the Coffeeneuring Challenge totaled 12. In the three years since that time it has grown to more than 100. We’ll just see where we end up in 2014. In the meantime, let’s go #coffeeneuring!

*MrTinDC, thank you for the pics!

coffeeneuring 2

Coffeeneuring Rewind in Pittsburgh with @rfglenn


  • Fall
  • Bike rides
  • Coffee


Blend together, bake for an hour for at least two miles or to your taste at dipping seasonal temperatures. Repeat seven times. Coffeeneuring.

Week 4 is practically here, but before any official submissions make their way to Coffeeneuring HQ, I’m taking us back to one year ago for a vicarious trip through the challenge with @rfglenn of Pittsburgh, a city with many avid coffeeneurs who have supported this challenge since it’s inception. Thank you, Pittsburgh and thank you @rfglenn for the guest post!

1) Oh Yeah! / october 5 / 2 miles / espresso affogato


A mile from my house is a coffee shop/ice cream store/bank/live music venue? called Oh Yeah!. I used to live barely three blocks from it, and I’d be embarrassed to admit how often I went.

They have mix­ins for your ice cream like “love” and “electricity” and also they have Chicago Soy Dairy vegan ice cream, so I go frequently when the weather’s hot and the days are long.

2) Ohiopyle State Park / october 6 / 150 / cold brew

coffeeneuring 2

I made some cold­brew coffee while riding my bike on a quick overnight to Ohiopyle with a friend. It was actually pretty good, although that’s more a testament to cold brew’s simplicity than to anything I did.

I turned around the next day and headed back to Pittsburgh in pouring rain, and ended only a little worse for the wear; he continued to DC during the furlough, despite the C&O being closed.

3) Coffee Tree Roasters / october 13 / 2 miles / iced coffee

coffeeneuring 3

A short 2 mile ride, to recover from the century I’d done the day prior.

I stopped at coffee tree on my way back from brunch, and experimented with carrying coffee in my bike’s burrito holders. It worked well enough, but I don’t recommend using plastic cups for it.

4) big Tazza D’Oro / november 9 / 4.5 miles / cider & pour­over

coffeeneuring 4

@rpearl and I went to the big (original) tazza d’oro, not to be confused with small (campus) tazza, which is actually larger.

It was really a little bit too cold to be sitting outside; we kept stripping layers, putting them back on, taking them off again.

5) Mad Mex / november 10 / 2 miles / plain ol’ hot coffee

coffeeneuring 5

A group of friends and I go out every sunday for brunch at Mad Mex, and only on my fourth or so trip did I notice they serve coffee. I’d previously been distracted by the margaritas.

Mad Mex also has a big bike corral out front. The coffee pictured is actually @rpearl’s, but I drank a lot of it.

6) Delanie’s Coffee / november 16 / 10 miles / almond milk latte

coffeeneuring 6

10 miles includes my detour to Thick. This is my picture of @theairgonaut and @fractal_dust taking a picture of me taking a picture of them.

@TheAirgonaut's photo
@TheAirgonaut’s photo

I’d never been here before, which is a shame, because it was nice. It’s a lot bigger and more comfortable than the Beehive.

7) Bagel Factory / november 17 / 2 miles / cider & bagels

coffeeneuring - Google Docs-7

I went out to get some comics (I had seen this page, from the Hulk issue pictured), and also grabbed a drink from the Bagel Factory before heading home in the rain.

The paper cup fared much better in the burrito carrier than did the plastic cup from a few weeks prior, though I think a bit of cider sloshed out onto my pants leg. I didn’t notice, on account of the weather.

Thank you, @rfglenn, for your excellent guest post, which includes a little bit of everything, even meta-coffeeneuring!

Co-Motion tandem in fall

Contemplative Fall

Recollections of the harvest and farmers working fields long past sundown. Walks across campus, heavy book-filled backpacks on our shoulders, feet drifting through drying leaves. The donning of long sleeves to absorb the chill of mornings that advise of even colder times to come.

Buggies and bike in Harrisonburg

It’s odd how this time can feel like a stopping point. The end of one cycle, and the beginning of another. Maybe that’s because I grew up in rural Iowa, lived according to a school calendar for so long, or work in a place with a year that marks time from October through September.

Felkerino and Co-Motion, Harrisonburg

With fall’s arrival, I have an urge to pause accompanied by a yearning to be outdoors basking in autumn’s fleeting colors. A desire to take stock while I keep accumulating memories until the waning daylight and chill truly take hold.

Fall ride outside Harrisonburg, VA

This weekend Felkerino and I fought against the feelings of curling up with a good book, and took to the winding pavement and dirt outside of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Back into the hills after a month of even terrain.

Co-Motion tandem in fall

The George Washington National Forest makes a good backdrop for a ride. They say fall already peaked here, but it still looks good to me.

Felkerino and Co-Motion in the fall


The trees lull me into a contemplative state. I reflect on recent rides, mull upcoming possibilities, and gradually drift back into the present.

Felkerino and Co-Motion

Ah yes, where was I? Let’s ride.


Aw, but he's so cute!

Coffeeneuring Week 3: Kitteh-neuring with Janice and Jayne


This weekend I received an unexpected note from the coffeeneuring team of Janice and Jayne. What started out for them as a regular coffee ride turned into something much much more.

The idea was to ride 2 1/2 miles to the store/deli in Boyer Junction, have lunch and coffee and retrace our steps up the hill and home.

When we were eating our lunch at the deli, Jayne asked me if I’d seen the kitten on the side of the road on our way down the hill.

“No,” I said. “What kitten? There was no kitten!”

We finished our lunch and started back. I heard him before I could see him and I started saying, “No, oh no!”

Coffeeneuring plus kitty

He ran out from the grass and across the road right up to us. Jayne was off her bike and holding him before I could even roll my eyes.

Of course, we weren’t going to leave him there, though he was a wet muddy mess, his eyes were goopy and there was a big open gash on one of his legs.

We figured out that we could just fit him into the rear pocket of my wind breaker and we made it up the hill and home. Jayne hadn’t been on a bike for some time but she rode up that hill at a pretty good clip. Amazing what you can do if you want to!

Jayne had an appointment set up for the kitty a couple of hours after we got home.

Aw, but he's so cute!
Aw, but he’s so cute!

He’s now had various treatments including meds for his eyes, his upper respiratory infection (he’s in isolation because that is contagious), and his worms. And his leg has been stitched. A VERY EXPENSIVE coffeeneuring experience.

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity for adventure….more than we looked for.

Janice and Jayne, this story of your coffeeneuring kitty warms my heart. Wishing you well with your remaining coffeeneuring adventures (although it’s okay if you don’t rescue a kitten during every one).


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