Coffeeneuring Challenge Weekend One

Coffeeneuring is off to a grand start, with people near and far riding their bikes in pursuit of coffee (or related beverage). I can hardly keep up with it all. So much coffeeneuring!

Don’t worry if you haven’t begun the challenge yet, you still have plenty of time to ride your bikes to 7 different cups of coffee. See the general rules here, and the uncondensed version here.

Jerry and John

Felkerino and I also coffeeneured both days. Our first stop was in the company of our friend Jerry and fellow coffeeneur John at one of our weekend favorites, The Coffee Bar.

I also ventured out for a bonus round at Chinatown Coffee, and an in real life meetup with Jennifer and Lance, two Kansas coffeeneurs. They had just spent the bulk of the week cycling the GAP-C&O and were spending the weekend with D.C.-area friends.

Unfortunately, we did not take a group photo because it was dark and drizzly, but it happened and it was great! I did manage a photo of my cup of hot chocolate and the beans I bought, though.

Chinatown Coffee

The theme of Day 1 was the question “Which States Constitute the Midwest?” Ask people from Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, and Iowa this question and you will hear more answers and heated discussions than you may have first imagined, as well as frequent injections about “the Plains.”

Day 2 dawned as a dreary Sunday, cool and blustery. Coffeeneuring inspired us to face the elements, though not for too long.  We rode five miles over to Baked & Wired for coffee and a treat, and agreed to tag on a loop around Hains Point just to let October know that we’re not scared of chillier weather.

Let's go coffeeneuring!
Let’s go coffeeneuring!

While there, we saw our friend MrTinDC, which was a nice surprise. Felkerino has a full summary of Coffeeneuring Trip 1 and Trip 2, so please check them out.

Special shout-out to the Pittsburgh coffeeneurs for coordinating a kickoff event at Thick Bikes, and for creating custom-made Coffeeneuring Challenge posters. Quite impressive!

I hope to write an update of blogging coffeeneurs, but in the meantime be sure to check the Facebook Group, Flickr, and Twitter, for some of the updates. Coffeeneuring forever!

October is for Coffeeneurs

It all starts October 3. You are ready.

Are you shaking your head saying those rules are too long, too numerous? Shake off your skepticism, friend, and dip your front wheel into the Coffeeneuring Challenge.


You have 7 weeks to do the following:

  • Get on your bike
  • Ride to a coffee shop
  • Drink a beverage
  • Take a picture
  • Ride your bike home (or elsewhere)
  • Repeat 7 times

You can do it alone, with friends, accompanied by your kiddos (or parents), in a “real” coffee shop, in a gas station, in a park. Twice in a weekend, one time a weekend, or any combination until you reach the magic number of seven. I think Marvin K. Mooney would excel at coffeeneuring.

Drink coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate, or whatever else catches your fancy (within reason). Share it on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, or don’t. It’s what you want it to be.

Hashtag it out. #coffeeneuring

Have fun, and I’ll look for you! Bikes + Coffee + October = Coffeeneuring Challenge

Becky and Laura’s First Coffeeneuring Challenge: Seattle, Washington

Time to highlight some of the coffeeneuring activity from the other Washington. Becky and Laura, two trail runners and cyclists out of the Seattle area, worked as a team to successfully meet the Coffeeneuring Challenge last year.

Cats, llamas, looky-loo loops, and yes, coffee too. They gave each of their rides titles, like chapters in a book. Lovely! Continue reading Becky and Laura’s First Coffeeneuring Challenge: Seattle, Washington

From Randonneur to Coffeeneur: Putting South Carolina on the Coffeeneuring Map

Last year’s edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge welcomed the first finisher ever from the state of South Carolina. Very exciting!

The triumphant coffeeneur is Tom, a randonneur turned coffeeneur for at least seven weeks, who used both his Soma Grand Randonneur (affectionately nicknamed the Grand Coffeeneur) and a 1970s Raleigh Olympian, to help him cross the finish line. Continue reading From Randonneur to Coffeeneur: Putting South Carolina on the Coffeeneuring Map

Abebe Bikila International Peace Marathon: A Break from the Bicycling

All the recent weekend riding has been glorious, but I was craving a break so I signed up for the Abebe Bikila International Peace Marathon. This run is a double out-and-back course along 6.5 miles of the C&O Canal, and the start is about 10 kilometers from my house so practically ideal. Continue reading Abebe Bikila International Peace Marathon: A Break from the Bicycling

For the Love of It

Not one to let the end of summer pass by while we sip iced tea and laze on our balcony, Felkerino has been unstoppably enthusiastic about weekend rides in the country.

His love affair with summer is certainly infectious, and I’ve been happily coming along for the ride. (See what I did there?) Bicycling in the countryside is a nice change from riding home as the sun sets over Rosslyn every night. Continue reading For the Love of It

Paris of Women BikeDC: On Coffee Clubs, Bike Shops, and Testing Boundaries

​My mind is generally moving 100 miles per hour. The squirrels in there never seem to stop spinning. Being on my bike quiets the squirrels and allows my mind to focus on one or two things– avoiding pot holes or other riders, usually. I’ve found that the more I ride, the saner I am. When I have something to work out, I’ll go on a bike ride and allow my brain to quiet down a bit.

Continue reading Paris of Women BikeDC: On Coffee Clubs, Bike Shops, and Testing Boundaries

Coffeeneuring is Coming

Save the Date: October 3 – November 21
7 cups, 7 weeks


More details to come…

Seeing Yourself Through Cycling: Natasha of Women BikeDC

On a bike you fully experience everything around you. You catch the small details that you would never notice zooming by in a car. All your senses are heightened. You feel the ground and the weather. You see landscapes. You see people. And you also see yourself. I’ve done some of my best thinking atop a bicycle!

Continue reading Seeing Yourself Through Cycling: Natasha of Women BikeDC

Beauty Through Motion

Like many women, I struggle with notions of beauty and self-acceptance, especially when it comes to physical appearance. I look in the mirror and immediately see all the ways I’m lacking. If I shaved off a few pounds, and toned up this area here, and then put on a little makeup, I’d look so much better. Continue reading Beauty Through Motion

Seduced by Speed

I have always seen road bikes as superfluous and silly, the toy of transport for the self-indulgent– those who ride for exercise, sport, and speed, with little interest in practicality. Continue reading Seduced by Speed

Unexpected Letdown

Almost two weeks have passed since Felkerino and I were last turning our tandem wheels through Idaho and Montana. This bike tour, combined with my recent work travels, really helped me appreciate my Washington, D.C., home. Continue reading Unexpected Letdown

Trying to Stay Balanced: Carolyn of Women BikeDC

Once I moved to D.C., I began to regularly cycle around town. This city is nice and small, pretty flat, and the public transportation is just good enough to tolerate using, but bad enough that it is frustrating to use every single day. Plus, cycling is so cost effective and efficient. It saves money and is faster than public transportation and cabbing. So, of all the forms of transportation, I prefer cycling.

Continue reading Trying to Stay Balanced: Carolyn of Women BikeDC

Running In a Dress: Nuu-Muu Review

Over the last year, one piece of workout gear has firmly inserted itself into my closet– the Nuu-Muu exercise dress. I use them for commuting, running, and even ran a marathon in one earlier this spring. Continue reading Running In a Dress: Nuu-Muu Review

Becoming an Advocate through Bicycling, for Bicycling: Kelley W. of Women BikeDC

I’m over 50, and getting back into biking as a significant part of my lifestyle has led me into a whole new area of serving my community and region as an advocate. I’ve learned about infrastructure, Safe Routes to School, bike master plans, and I’ve met a whole new group of people in each arena of interaction that have enriched my life.

Even when I run into a bike-hater, I’m challenged to be the advocate– to win his/her heart and mind– or at least try to defuse the anger. This volunteer advocacy recently turn into a paying job. It’s something I never thought I’d be doing at this point in life, but I’m doing it because it’s fun.
Kelley W.

Continue reading Becoming an Advocate through Bicycling, for Bicycling: Kelley W. of Women BikeDC

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