Coffeeneuring (or Chai-neuring) with @jerdlngr and #BikeDC

Bikes! Chai! Artsy concept bike racks! BikeDC cameos! Knitting! Today’s Coffeeneuring Challenge guest post from BikeDC’s own @jerdlngr has a little bit of everything for your entertainment.


Jean Coffeeneuring 1

Ride 1: Sunday, October 6

Chinatown Coffee
475 H Street NW
Drink: Chai

Total mileage: 5.9 miles

This was the day after the Sea Gull Century and Mr. T in DC had to bring one of the bikes in to BicycleSPACE, so our plan was to just go to the closest coffee shop.

Mr. T in DC
Mr. T in DC

The chai was spicy rather than sweet.

They don’t have particularly good bike parking, although it seems like most of the places we visited don’t. Also learned that it’s hard biking while holding a hot beverage in one hand.

Ride 2: Saturday, October 19

Pound the Hill
621 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
Drink: Nutella latte
Total mileage: 15 miles

Jean Coffeeneuring 2

Rode with Mr. T in DC, VelowanderingDC, Ryan S., and Paul from BicycleSPACE (don’t think he works there but goes on a lot of their rides).

This was my one exception to chai-­neuring, because the Nutella latte is apparently what they’re known for. It was good ­ didn’t taste too much like coffee.

Also didn’t have very good bike parking ­ we had to lock all 5 bikes up to one pole. Lots of cute dog watching opportunities.

Ride 3: Sunday, October 20

St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub
2300 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria
Drink: Chai

Total mileage: 47.4 miles

Jean Coffeeneuring 3

We met our Twitter friend Deb, who showed us a different way to get back on the Four Mile Run trail. Brought knitting and made a lot of progress on a sock.

Their chai is pretty sweet ­ kind of tasted like Swing’s except that they use a powdered mix (as opposed to liquid chai concentrate).

Ride 4: Saturday, October 26

102 S. Patrick Street, Alexandria
Drink: Chai

Total mileage: 27 miles

Jean Coffeeneuring 4

No bike parking except for one sign in front, so once again we had to lock several bikes to one pole. We rode with VelowanderingDC again as well as Sol S., who sometimes does the BicycleSPACE cupcake ramble.

Chai was good and on the spicier side. They also use a liquid concentrate, so no little chai bits in the bottom of the cup.

Misha’s has the same scones as Buzz Bakery, so Buzz must supply some of their baked goods.

Ride 5: Sunday, October 27

1726 20th Street NW
Drink: Chai

Total mileage: 4.7 miles

Jean Coffeeneuring 5

This turned out to be my worst coffeeneuring experience. Wasn’t in the mood to leave the house in the first place, but was lured out by the promise of chai and baked goods.

First problem was when we got there.­ They have bike racks, but they’re shaped like giant coffee cups and had a bit of a struggle locking the bike. Cashier and one of the baristas were kind of looking at me and laughing when I walked in, then I had to ask if I could place an order.

They only had a small chai on the menu (the barista said something about it being too hard to scale up the amount of mix)­ but that turned out to be a good thing, because the chai was terrible. It was kind of sour and almost tasted like the milk had gone bad.

Didn’t want to bring it back and complain because I thought they’d probably tell me “yes, that’s authentic chai, like in India. You’re probably just used to Starbucks.” Drank about three sips, then tossed it and went to Starbucks when I got home. I tried…

Ride 6: Saturday, November 2

Lot 38 Espresso Bar
1001 2nd Street SE
Drink: Chai

Total mileage: 15.6 miles

Jean Coffeeneuring 6

Rode to Lot 38 by myself for some introvert coffeeneuring time. Brought my knitting, got chai and a slice of apple walnut bread.

The chai was tasty, although apparently also from a powdered mix because I had the dreaded little chai bits in the bottom of the cup. Lots of bike parking across the street.

Ride 7: Sunday, November 3

Buzz Bakery
901 Slaters Lane, Alexandria
Drink: Chai

Total mileage: 46.1 miles

Jean Coffeeneuring 7

We stopped here at the beginning of a ride with Ryan S. Had a piece of squash quiche and my usual chai. Both were good.

We could sit outside near the bikes so didn’t have to worry about where to lock up.

Observation about the ride generally rather than Buzz specifically: there was really pretty foliage today.

What a nice mix of coffeeneuring trips with various members of the #BikeDC crew. And even a solo outing. Congratulations, Jean, on your completion of this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge!


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