Summer Bike Tour Plans: Sierra Cascades

A couple of years ago, someone advised me that Oregon is a nice place to ride bikes. At the time, Felkerino and I were both taken with the mountains of Colorado, and that’s where we took our bike.

Not this year. This year we take on the ups and downs of the Sierra Cascades, launching from Sacramento, California on July 3.

Felkerino and me. We're coming to your city. Not on single bikes, but you get the idea.
Felkerino and me. We’re coming to your city. Not on single bikes, but you get the idea.

July 1-2 we will be in Sacramento.

July 3, we roll out to Tahoe and parts beyond.

We gradually make our way along the Adventure Cycling Sierra Cascades route. After 10 days spent following the Sierra Cascades route, we diverge in Detroit, Oregon, and head to Portland.

July 14, the plan is to arrive in Portland. We’ll spend the 15th slurping coffee and packing the bike. On July 16, poof, we’re gone.

Sierra Cascades

This post is a longish way of saying we would love to rendezvous with bike/coffeeneuring/errandonnee/rando friends in the areas we’ll be passing through.

If you have time, you could even pedal a few miles with us. We love company!

So let me know, either in the comments, by email, or through the Contact form. See you soon, West Coast buddies!


  1. Will you turn toward Detroit via Sisters? You should def try to go across McKenzie Pass if you can. If you come through on the weekend of July 9-10, I could meet you in Marion Forks, on the way to Detroit (if you ride that direction) I love that ride…I would take the bus up to McKenzie Bridge and ride from there. There is a great little restaurant there for a much needed food stop…and a good coffee shop in Detroit, too. Jo


    • Yes yes YES! to going over McKenzie Pass! I really don’t understand why it’s NOT on the Sierra Cascades. Santiam Pass (what IS on SC) is perfectly OK, but McKenzie is much more EPIC and maybe adds 30 miles total to the route. McKenzie IS on the Trans-Am Route, though.

      In any case, whatever you do, avoid the Windigo Pass Alternate. And make sure you loop Crater Lake!!


    • Okay, we will try to do it! Yes, we go toward Detroit via Sisters, I believe. Our current plan is to be in Ashland and Prospect area on the weekend of July 9-10.


      • I could only meet you on that weekend. Wednesday after work I leave to drive with bike to Montana for the big bike celebration. I will keep in touch. Maybe I could meet you on Wed. eve if you are near Sisters then.


      • Okey dokey! You should have good service in Bend/Sisters area…even at Santiam Pass and Santiam Junction. Detroit might be iffy depending on carrier. They have wifi in places there, though.


  2. Though I live a ways north of Portland, I would drive down to at least meet you for coffee/tea. But alas, we will be out of town on the weekend you will be there (my birthday weekend!). You will love your tour of the area. Have fun and stay safe.

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  3. Sounds like a great trip! If I were closer to NoCal, I’d meet up with you. Oh well, another time. Have a wonderful time and I look forward to the posts of your adventure, as always.

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  4. I second the suggestion of McKenzie Pass. My wife and I rode up and over from west to east a long long time ago but it remains one of our best cycling memories. From there we headed to Crater Lake and 1000 more miles. We look forward to reliving it a bit through your writing.


  5. Sounds like a great trip and ride and I’m looking forward to the posts on the blog. My wife and I are doing a bike trip at about the same time (July 13 thru 17) in Ohio. Yes, Ohio! I know, it sounds a little crazy, but some buddies of mine from the Philly Bike Club do an event in Xenia, Ohio where you can ride anywhere from 20 or 30 miles up to 100 miles each day on some nice rails-to-trails paved byways. You get sag support, breakfast, dinner, etc and they say it’s a great event. Have fun on your trip and tailwinds!


  6. Oh, I’m jealous! My oldest son and his wife live in Portland, and I’d love to visit there. It looks incredible. And you are so, so lucky to have a partner who shares your love of cycling!

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