PBP Bike Inspection: Day 2!

Today was our day for the 84-hour bike inspection and it went just the way we like it… uneventfully. We’re now checked in and ready to roll tomorrow morning.

The gymnasium was much more low key this morning, in part because we went early and also because all the 80- and 90-hour riders inspected yesterday.

Later today we plan to see the 80- and 90-hour riders as they begin their journey.

You can track Felkerino and my progress on Twitter, though it remains to be seen how much we will correspond. After all, it is a bike ride and not a Tweetfest.

You can also see how we’re going along via the PBP rider tracking at the PBP website

As always, a few photos of the day follow, and perhaps later I will add some start photos if time allows.

The moment. Is. Here.







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