I’m @coffeeneur and I’m okay…


Chasing Mailboxes readers, if you follow me on Twitter please kindly change your follow to @coffeeneur.

A cold weekend in D.C. Time for a wool cycling cap and coffeeneuring.
Time for a wool cycling cap and coffeeneuring.

I still consider myself a gypsybug at heart (my former Twitter handle), but for now I’m making that account inactive to be @coffeeneur.

We’ll still use the #coffeeneuring hashtag for the upcoming Coffeeneuring Challenge.

Do you plan to coffeeneur and have a Twitter account you plan to use during the Coffeeneuring Challenge? Please let me know, either in the comments or via the “Contact” tab.

P.S. Did I say coffeeneuring enough times? Coffeeneuring!


  1. I had so much fun errandonnee-ing, I gotta do this, too! Will try to rustle up a big family biking contingent for company. I’m worried about skewing the gender counts–I’m cool if I count as one female rather than 1 female, 2 males. The males don’t pedal or drink coffee so maybe that moot 🙂 – @familyride


  2. I willl be #coffeeneuring but it might not always be on a weekend and it might have to include two or more hot drinks in a day – do they count if they are more than 1 mile apart?

    Thanks @coffeeneur. from a @nebicyclist, one of many.


  3. We’ll be in for #coffeeneuring as its my favourite Fall activity along with me complaining to Tara about how cold it is. @whatsupwheaton


  4. I’m gonna give it a go this year. Not much of a caffeine drinker, so I’m gonna be wired for the next month or so, but it should be fun checking out new cafes around Alexandria. I’m gonna try to get my wife to join in too. @Readinger11.


  5. Do regularly scheduled food events that serve coffee count as a coffeeneuring destination? Our synagogue’s Men’s Club’s monthly breakfast includes coffee (of course!). While it’s not an established coffee shop business, it is an established event WITH COFFEE.
    Won’t be using twitter, just not into it.


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