Coffeeneuring 2016: Save the Date and Rules Comment Period

Time to make a couple of announcements for the coffeeneuring register. First, the 6th Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge is a go for 2016.

If you want to keep your official coffeeneuring streak alive, or if you want to give the challenge a whirl for the first time, the time for action is soon.

coffeeneuring red purp

The 2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge will take place from October 7-November 20.

Next, if you would like to propose a new rule, the elimination of a rule, or a modification of an existing rule, now is your time to do so. Find last year’s rules here for reference, and you may comment below this post or send a note via the Contact tab. The Rules Comment Period is open from now through September 17.

Mark your calendars now!


  1. So happy the challenge is ON again this year (Random Randonneuring needs the break…ha.) I am looking forward to another fun time coffeeneuring.


  2. Rule proposal: Home coffee shop. A coffeeneur may declare their home a coffee shop for other coffeeneurs (not for oneself) and declare times and days when the home coffee shop is open for business. When a home coffee shop is open for coffeeneuring, it must welcome all coffeeneurs, and a reasonable effort must be made to publicize the home coffee shop to area coffeeneurs. Payment for coffee and other hot drinks at a home coffee shop shall be in the form of stories or songs only. Bicycle-themed stories and songs are strongly preferred.

    Reason: Because I want to do this, of course. I am pretty serious about my coffee, and I also make pretty good hot chocolate and passable tea. I’d like to open my home to local coffeeneurs, and I want to hear their stories and songs.

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  3. Comment period on the rules? Are you going to publish them for notice and comment in the Federal Register? Just kidding. The rules are fine. I am getting used to them. Don’t change them. Thanks for doing this again.


  4. Mary, thank you so much for putting all the effort into making this happen again. It’s my favourite time of year!

    Not really a rule suggestion, because it might not be possible for some, but maybe we can have a bonus for only Coffeeneuring to independent places (i.e. No evil Starbucks)? Similar to completing errands at night…


  5. I second the suggestion above. In the spirit of the role of “permanents” in randonneuring, perhaps there can be some flexibility in the weekends only rule, especially for those of us who have undefined work schedules. With email, I’m never really “off” work.


  6. I am excited to try this in a brand new city! The rules mention retirees can count any days… is that the same for the unemployed?


  7. I would love an opportunity to coffeeneur on a Friday, especially to kick things off. Perhaps this could help spinoff a new #fridaycoffeeclub?

    Thanks for organizing again this year!


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