Escape from the City: Weekend Bike Tour to Martinsburg, West Virginia

White Hall Road

Felkerino and I took advantage of the recently arrived summer weather and ventured out for a weekend bike tour.

Meeting House Road

We departed the District on Saturday morning and took a circuitous route out to Martinsburg, making sure we plodded a few miles through the Catoctins of Maryland. That was some hilly stuff. Overall, we rode 122 miles for the day.

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Two Day Tour! D.C. to Martinsburg, WV and back

Planning our escape

This weekend Felkerino and I rode with our friend Lane G. from our front door in the District to Martinsburg, West Virginia, and back. It was a great way to spend the weekend. I got to ride my bike for two straight days and never had to worry about carrying a card.

I enjoy the brevets. However, I also like to limit the “event” riding that I do because, for me, it can get restrictive. In general, I think that touring is my favorite way to ride.

That said, I don’t think I would appreciate touring half so much if I did not complete a Super Randonneur series. After the 600K, a 200K with a century chaser feels like a completely reasonable ride. Almost like we’re shortcutting. AND we can even start at 7 a.m. as opposed to 4 a.m. How civilized! Continue reading “Two Day Tour! D.C. to Martinsburg, WV and back”

Cycling the C&O Canal

This Sunday, I briefly met up with those doing the Chuck and Crista ride out of Hains Point.

See? I made it to the ride start

They were going the opposite direction from me, however, so after a couple of miles I left the group and pedaled the Quickbeam out to White’s Ferry via the C&O Canal. Continue reading “Cycling the C&O Canal”