Escape from the City: Weekend Bike Tour to Martinsburg, West Virginia

White Hall Road

Felkerino and I took advantage of the recently arrived summer weather and ventured out for a weekend bike tour.

Meeting House Road

We departed the District on Saturday morning and took a circuitous route out to Martinsburg, making sure we plodded a few miles through the Catoctins of Maryland. That was some hilly stuff. Overall, we rode 122 miles for the day.


On day two of our little tour we took a more direct route for the return, which allowed for some extra bumming around in Shepherdstown and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and exploration of a couple of roads that were new to us. Our lollygagging meant we did not outrun all of the weekend rain showers, but we didn’t mind and still ended up with 97 miles for our second day.

Spiral Staircase at Harpers Ferry

Felkerino wrote up a good summary of our back-to-back riding weekend. Day one to Martinsburg is here, and day two back to D.C. is right here.

Bike Touring!

Even though it’s raining this morning, I wish I was still out riding in the countryside.


    • Yes. No way we would have enjoyed doing that many miles while carrying a lot of gear. We just used the Carradice Camper and took essentials.


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