Two Day Tour! D.C. to Martinsburg, WV and back

Planning our escape

This weekend Felkerino and I rode with our friend Lane G. from our front door in the District to Martinsburg, West Virginia, and back. It was a great way to spend the weekend. I got to ride my bike for two straight days and never had to worry about carrying a card.

I enjoy the brevets. However, I also like to limit the “event” riding that I do because, for me, it can get restrictive. In general, I think that touring is my favorite way to ride.

That said, I don’t think I would appreciate touring half so much if I did not complete a Super Randonneur series. After the 600K, a 200K with a century chaser feels like a completely reasonable ride. Almost like we’re shortcutting. AND we can even start at 7 a.m. as opposed to 4 a.m. How civilized!

Lane, on gentle terrain

This weekend’s ride took us from the heart of D.C. to Poolesville, Maryland, and around to the Catoctins. I’d like to give a special shout-out to Meeting House Road for trying to break my legs in half. Nice try, Meeting House. Better luck next time!

I earned this view! Meeting House Road, MD

After several miles through the sawteeth, we fell out near Smithsburg, Maryland. We then made our way through the Antietam Battlefield and into West Virginia, ultimately ending our first day in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Sunday, we meandered the morning away on quiet roads, stopping for a few minutes at the Sheperdstown, West Virginia, farmers market. Best coconut macaroon ever!

Vendor at the Shepherstown, WV, farmers’ market
Felkerino and me, Harpers Ferry

We zipped over (ok, we were not zipping anywhere) to Harpers Ferry, made our way across the bridge, and pedaled five miles on the C&O Canal to Beans in the Belfry in Brunswick, Maryland.

I love that place! Cycling friends Eric and Jeff were waiting for us, and Eric’s wife even showed up to say hi, Happy Fathers Day, and take our picture. Thanks, Suzanne!

The Sunday Group: Jeff, me, Lane, Felkerino, and Eric

We passed through Leesburg, Virginia, for a sweet treat at Mom’s Apple Pie. Our group chose to then leave Virginia, and head back home via Maryland. This required the use of White’s Ferry, which I always like taking. Feels so old timey!

This was Eric’s first time riding the ferry, too, whoo! By the way, White’s Ferry has increased its rates from one dollar to two dollars per bike. Still a bargain, but make sure to have an extra dollar handy if you ever take it.

Waiting to board White’s Ferry. Two dollars!

We meandered back through Poolesville, Maryland, successfully avoided the U.S. Open golf tournament traffic in Potomac, and steadily made our way home to the District.

It was a fantastic weekend. A carfree escape from the city, gorgeous terrain, long days, good fellowship, and the freedom to ride without a card or the pressure of time. The full set of pics from our leisurely two-day adventure is here. I love summer!

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