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From Middletown to Monterey: Two Days, 255 Miles

Felkerino and I have been making the most of our weekend warrior lifestyle with two straight weekends of bike overnights on our Co-Motion tandem.


This past weekend we toured with our rando-friends John and Cindy, who also ride a Co-Motion tandem– a 650B Speedster. Isn’t it beautiful?


Both days included plenty of climbing and stunning views. We are lucky to live so close to such great cycling.


Felkerino put together a complete summary of our ride here so check it out.


It was an awesome weekend of bike touring.


  1. I’d love to know more about your friends’ bike. I didn’t realize Co-Motion dealt with 650B tires. Is this a custom? And if it is, did your friends request any frame geometry changes in the front end. Geez–it almost looks like its my size, too. Very jealous.


    • Yes, Felkerino is right on all counts — custom Co-Motion Speedster. When we ordered it, Co-Motion said they had just rolled one out a couple of weeks prior. It also has a Co-Motion carbon disk fork. We are 5’6″ and 5’2″. Front end is 1 deg off standard, but John says he can’t tell the difference. Very plush ride, love it for the long ones! Happy to answer any other questions.


      • Okay, here’s a few: Why 650B? Were you looking for a shorter captain’s top tube? Reduced toe clip overlap with fenders? What width tire are you running, and how does it compare to whatever you had before? Any thing you’d change about the bike if you could do it over again? And would it be possible to post a picture or two of your bike at If so, please send pic(s) to bike writer at gmail dot com. Thanks. Great machine.


      • Sorry for the slow reply to your follow-up questions. We went with 650B so we could switch to fat tires for a more comfortable ride – we’re now running 42 mm Grand Bois tires. We run 60 psi in the front, 70 psi in the back, much softer ride, easier on my hands, no loss in speed. Our older tandem had 28 mm tires. I love/hate the disc brakes — good stopping power, but I can’t seem to get the occasional rub out. Apparently a common problem. We don’t mind if you post a picture or two of the bike — I’ll try to find a couple good ones and send them to you. Thanks!


  2. I’ve asked John and Cindy to chime in on their tandem. Yes, it is a custom Speedster — from what I know Co-Motion was happy to oblige their request and it was not the first.

    Our tandem is their Java 29er which they also customized for us with a lateral and braze-ons to take the Nitto front rack from Rivendell Bicycle Works.


  3. I’m getting kind of excited about picking up a big piggy bank to start saving toward a new Co-Motion. Guess I just assumed that the 650B size was a bridge too far–I thought I took Co-Motion’s design philosophy to the breaking point when I had the folks in Eugene add three inches to the stoker compartment on my current bike. And you’ve got a Nitto on yours–I’ve got to stop making assumptions.


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