300K Fun Ride – Warrenton, Virginia

If a ride happens and no one knows about it, did it really happen?

This weekend, Felkerino, Lane, and I rode the 2009 D.C. Randonneurs 300K route from Warrenton, Va. This is a lovely rolling route that takes the rider all around horse country and back. It’s not killer in terms of terrain, but the first part of the ride, in particular, has plenty of hills to keep your attention and tire you out.

I wasn’t that excited about doing the ride, but if I have to choose between staying at home by myself doing dishes or riding my bike, I’ll definitely lean toward the latter most days. If Felkerino was riding, then I was riding, too!

24 Crows. Artisan and Coffee Shop
24 Crows. Artisan and Coffee Shop

The day was clear and hot. We all did a good job of managing the heat, hydrating well, and taking very civilized stops like this one in Flint Hill.

The fun thing about our “fun ride” was that we were able to start later than a “real ride.” We rolled out at 6:20 a.m., not something I would ever consider on a “real ride.” The other nice thing was there was no time pressure.

These upsides about our “fun ride” were also the things I think could get us into trouble. Knowing there is no time pressure could turn the “fun ride” into an impromptu 24-hour fleche-type ride. Our stops throughout that day were at least 15 minutes longer than they would have been on a “real ride.” However, this “fun ride” was also blazing hot during the middle of the day and taking a few extra minutes to cool down, rehydrate, and refuel was critical and kept my spirits up.

The last time Felkerino and I rode this course we spent many miles riding with Russ Morris. I thought of him when we made our last stop of the day in Remington, Va., where Russ educated us about the Crucial Stop.

The last Crucial Stop of the day. Remington, Va. (c) Felkerino

Back to my question: If a ride happens, but nobody knows about it, did it happen? Probably not, which is why Felkerino and I made sure to keep the cameras rolling throughout the day. My set can be found here , and Felkerino’s is located here.

In conclusion, it was an excellent “fun ride.” Good company and enjoyable riding (save for the blazing hot portions!). Now, about those dishes that need washing…

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