Saying Good-Bye to our Friend Stan Miller

Today we learned that one of our cycling and randonneuring friends, Stan Miller, was killed by a suspected drunk driver.  The story regarding this tragic accident may be read here.

It is difficult to accept that we will never go for another ride with Stan. Below is a photo Jan Bull took of Stan. This photo won The Daily Randonneur‘s photo contest in the “Spirit of Randonneuring” category. As our contest judge Gregg Bleakney wrote:

This category was tough to call but Stan just looks like the perfect poster-boy for rando-spirit. Nice warm light, big smile. Creative bull-clip map/notepad on front bar bag.

Spirit of Randonneuring
Spirit of Randonneuring (c) Jan Bull

He will be missed by all of us. Stan always rode his own ride, and always finished brevets with a big smile and the craziest helmet hair I’d ever seen.

(c) Felkerino

I am lucky to have known Stan.  He brought something special to our group and we will miss him.


  1. I only knew Stan from a dog park where he would take his dog Sylvester, but he was a guy you would never forget. He was one of the friendliest guy’s I ever knew, he knew all of the dog’s and the owners. He always put a smile on my face when I saw him. He always had a big gallon of water for all the dogs. He had a personality that stood out and you just knew he was one of the good guys of this world.

    I’m sorry to see you gone Stan, I’ll miss you.


  2. Stan’s family and mine were close friends while we were growing up in the 50’s-70’s. My brother was the ring bearer in his parents’ wedding and his aunt was my Maid of Honor. It was a multi-generational clan. When I knew him, we called him “Joe” or “Joe-Joe”. I don’t know when he became “Stan”. He was the oldest grandchild and was too old to hang out w/the little kids, so he hung around the younger 2nd generation kids. He was a great kid and fun to have around. I hadn’t seen him in years, until my mother’s funeral 3 years ago. He was still the same, funny guy I remembered.

    It’s good to hear that he grew to become a good man who was well loved by all who knew him. I am so saddened to hear of his tragic death. He will be missed by many.


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