Let Us be Mindful and Caring

Today, as I walked to work I spent a lot of time thinking about Stan Miller. I don’t know why thoughts of him kept creeping into my head. Perhaps because it was such a beautiful day to be outside and there were lots of people out riding their bikes or walking to the office. Stan would have liked being out there with us today.

As I came to the intersection of L’Enfant Plaza and Independence Avenue, I saw this little memorial attached to a light post. Whenever I walk commute I see this sign, but I never read it until today.

“Let Us be Mindful and Caring”

It was dedicated to someone who had died there, “and others who die needlessly.” The last sentence read “Let us be mindful and caring.”

Stan died needlessly. Someone might say, “he died doing what he loved,” but let’s be honest. No one wants to die by being rear-ended on their bike by a drunk driver and then hurled 40-50 feet.

Stan was a cyclist, a motorist, a father, a son, a friend, and all-around nice guy. In fact, all of us are composed by multiple identities. We are not just cyclists, pedestrians, sisters, or friends. We are many things, and these facets of who we are interconnect us as a society.

Stan’s death reminds me that the way we move through life shouldn’t be an “us versus them” exercise. We are all in this together; it’s important to look out for each other. If we don’t, terrible things that cause great suffering and pain can happen.

Ghost Bike (c) Felkerino

“Let us be mindful and caring.”

One comment

  1. Kathy, my wife teases me when I put my hazards on when passing cyclists…But I told her that this simple act lets them know that he/she has at least one pal on the road with them. Three feet is a start, but hazards – to me – is even better….. and mindful and caring.

    I didn’t know Stan, but I’m sorry to hear of his death. The most recent issue of Bicycle Times has an article that fits right in with this loss.

    Rest easy my friend….


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