Wild & Wonderful West Virginia RUSA Permanent

I am so lucky to live in Washington, D.C. Despite the large metropolitan area in which Felkerino and I live, we are a stone’s throw away from beautiful cycling (with mountains, yay!) on quiet back roads.

This weekend, Felkerino and I headed out to the Shenandoah and the mountains of West Virginia to work on our climbing legs. This particular ride was the 203 Kilometer Wild & Wonderful RUSA Permanent #713, designed by D.C. Randonneur George Moore.

Making the trip out was a bit of a haul (about a two hour drive), but the ride was stunning and lots of the riding was shady (always a plus  in the summertime). Here are a few highlights to share.

A mailbox we chased down.
51 Miles Per Hour. That’s right, baby!
I Heart Bikers! Not sure they meant us, but we liked it!

The full set of my pics is here.  I’ll link to Felkerino’s as soon as he posts them.

Hope you all were able to get outside for some sunny summer riding (or other activity), too.  It got a little toasty this weekend, but I really like the riding this time of year.  The longer days, no worries about layers, the green of summer.  It’s a fun time to be out.

And now, it’s back to the grind.  See you on the commute!

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Brevets, commutes, tandem rides, coffee. Sometimes a marathon. Washington, D.C.


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