Fall Touring Fun


I’ve never cyclo-toured in the fall, and now I see that I have been missing out. It’s not just the fall colors and smells that make it great. It is also seeing how people celebrate the season.

We have seen scarecrows, pumpkins, ghosts, and bats displayed in yards or along fences. And today we saw this. Yes, it is a creature made out of three giant hay bales. At first, I thought it was a witch, but now I’m not convinced. The “shirt” decor is confusing and threw me off.

It could just be a three-hay-bale??? You tell me. But it is definitely an eye-catching fall-specific lawn ornament.

Until next time, happy fall!!


  1. You wouldn’t believe how much fun people are having in the office back in DC. It’s a joy to see the droopy eyelids, to hear the drone of legal advice, and to parse regulatory language. All while the brilliant sun shines down. On the other side of the window. Outside. Just out of reach. Ack!

    I soooo envy you!


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