The Tour that Keeps on Giving. From Harpers Ferry, WV – Home




Felkerino and I rode the final 50 miles of our fall tour today. Middletown, Virginia to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Tailwinds and more quiet back roads. Excellent views of the Shenandoah River. Easy rolling terrain, sun, and bare-legged riding. Yes!

As some of you know, Felkerino and I resorted to driving to Harpers Ferry on Day 1 of our tour when our rear hub began to fail 40 miles away from home. We made it back to D.C. on the ailing wheel, but then drove our way out to West Virginia.

After that little hiccup, our tour ran seamlessly. It was nine amazing days on the bike. 706 miles of riding, zero rain, buckets of sun, yummy fall air, and vibrant scenery.

Today’s ride was a perfect finish. The best part was that our friends Chuck and Crista rode the first 20 miles with us. Thanks, guys!

I thought for sure that our legs would be the first thing to crack, but it turns out that our car was. 40 miles from our front door, our car sputtered grumpily and refused to run. Fortunately, we had stopped for a bite and were in a parking lot when it happened.

Our car was towed, and we were rescued by Chuck. OK, there was no trail angel on this tour, but Chuck must be in the same league with them. Now we’re nice and cozy on the Metro. It’s been an exciting day, both on and off the bike.

I’m ready to return to the office. I’ll look for you on the commute!

LATER: By the way, we made it home safe and sound. Thanks for following the adventure!!


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  1. Wow- “when bad things happen to good people.” Here’s to your car problems being minor- you’ve got a new hub to buy!


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