Catching up with George Swain

George Swain was about 25 miles into this past August’s Endless Mountains 1000K when his ride abruptly ended. A car rear-ended him at speed. I remember seeing George at the accident scene that day. Helplessness, shock, and worry all ran through my body.

I learned later that, by some miracle, George had escaped neurological injury. Doctors expected him to make a full recovery. That said, he broke 24 bones in his body and his healing process has been ongoing since the last week of August.

I’ve been following George’s journey through the Caring Bridge website. George and his family have been so great about apprising us of his progress. He has also been posting updates to his blog, the Hudson Valley Randonneur.

I wrote after the Endless Mountains 1000K that George’s horrible accident reminded me of our fragility as well as our resilience. Fragility in that anything can happen while we are out there on the road, no matter how careful or well lit we are. When we’re out on the road, we are totally exposed.

Resilience because George has been recovering each day, slowly but surely. From a bed to a wheelchair, to standing up, walking with a crutch, and now walking for extended periods without a crutch. This past week he actually was back pedaling a bike for the first time in nine weeks. It was a stationary bike, but a bike nonetheless!

George wrote in his journal and blog that “I now know for sure that I will ride again.”

George was lucky to survive his collision, and I am so glad, relieved, and heartened to know that he will heal from that awful day. It’s an added bonus to know that one day he will be back on the road with us.

Thanks, George and family, for keeping us updated. I hope you can be pedaling outdoors with the randonneurs sometime soon. Although maybe it would be ok to take the winter off, too. Brrr!

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