Velocity Bicycle Coop: Schwinn Paramount or Rivendell custom, anyone?

Ringing the doorbell at the Velocity Bicycle Coop

Last night Felkerino and I went to visit the Velocity Bicycle Coop in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s been up and running since May of 2010, but yesterday was our first visit. We stopped by at a good time because a collector had just given some of his beautiful bikes to the coop. These included two Rivendell customs, three Schwinn Paramounts (one of which was chrome!), an Austro Daimler, and an older Serotta. It was retro-grouch heaven!

I spent the entire evening dreaming about which bike I would most like to add to my stable. Maybe the Austro Daimler?

Austro Daimler

Could it be one of the Rivendells?

My mother told me to choose the very best one...
This is not an optical illusion. $1200 Rivendell!

Or do I need the chrome Schwinn Paramount?

Chrome Paramount = Art Bike

Perhaps I should be more practical and adopt the blue Schwinn Paramount.

Blue Schwinn Paramount = Practical

But the red Schwinn Paramount is hot. The color? Stunning. And it has Phil Wood hubs!

Red Schwinn Paramount

Want to see more photos of our visit to Velocity Bicycle Coop? They are here.

Alas, I went home empty-handed. I don’t need a new bike. Plus, the Rivendells were too small for me. Grr. However, the Paramounts were just my size and I even test rode the chrome Schwinn Paramount. It was a cool feeling to be riding a vintage chrome Paramount! I longed for that bike, but forced myself to leave it behind. (Me + chrome Schwinn Paramount = True Love Always).

I hope that someone can give these amazing bikes a loving home, and the good care and feeding they need. Maybe I should go back on Saturday and just check on these beautiful machines to see how they’re doing? I’ll bring my checkbook, too, in case I need to stop at the grocery store on the way home. Yeah, that’s right. The grocery store. Want to go with me?


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