It’s that time of year again

Today, on my commute home (in GLORIOUS daylight), I spied this treasure.

Spring Blossoms

That’s right, people. The trees in Washington, D.C, are showing signs of spring.

One mile later, I rode by several of these.

Tour Bus

It’s time to start sneezing and sharing the city again. I love the warmer days, cherry blossoms, evenings of daylight, and even the energy the tourists bring. However, I sure enjoyed the peacefulness of winter.

Welcome to spring commuting, everybody!

Celebrating spring with pink commuting socks

6 replies

  1. Yes, last week Mrs. Rootchopper was moaning about the fact that the forsythia hadn’t bloomed yet. Over the weekend she got her wish.
    As for me, I am about to put away those wretched winter bike boots!


  2. Yes, it’s the yellow. It occasionally blooms in February after a warm day or two. This year it’s been taking its sweet time. I also have an eye out for my lilacs. I LOVE the smell of them and I have to walk right past them to and from my bike shed.

    BTW, my un-booted toes were cold this morning, but it was worth it.


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