Reverse Tandem Double Panda Shot

Previously I wrote about “panda portraits,” which are typically self-portraits you take while riding your bicycle. This past summer, though, Felkerino and I worked on taking photos of each other while we were riding the same bicycle. See?

Reverse Tandem Panda
Double Panda

Ed has called this the “reverse tandem panda shot.” I call it a “double panda” or “tandem panda.” I don’t know if these technically fit the letter and spirit of panda category law, but I think they work on some level as a sub-genre. I’m sure there are special rules for tandems. The administrator of the Panda portraits pool let us add them to his group so I count that as some sort of validation.

Here is a more recent one from this past weekend’s gloriously sunny Sunday ride. We’re really perfecting our technique, I think.

Springtime reverse tandem panda 1
Springtime reverse tandem panda 2

By the way, this is as far as it goes, ok. You won’t see any double tandem reverse danger pandas in the near future. None where we managed to stay upright, anyway.

That’s all from me for the week. Will I see you in Warrenton for the DC Randonneurs 200K brevet?


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