D.C. Randonneurs: Frederick, Maryland 300K

Saturday was a beautiful day to be a randonneur, and today I am still riding the post-brevet high of this ride. The D.C. Randonneurs 300K out of Frederick, Maryland, is one of my favorite rides for a few reasons:

  • The course is gorgeous;
The 5 a.m. start was totally worth it.
  • The majority of climbing occurs in the first third of the ride;
Shippensburg Road. Did you bring your granny along?
  • You can tell all your friends you climbed big bad Big Flat the hard way;
45 mph? For us, it’s 4.5 mph.
  • The terrain challenges, but doesn’t punish; and
Church of God Road. It’s divine.
  • The final 50 miles are gently rolling.
30 miles to go. Looks nice out here!
Highlights of the 2011 Frederick 300K.

The Weather.

We spent much of the morning miles pedaling in the sun. Temperatures rose quickly into bare legs and arms weather.  Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right!

Bill Beck spent the first 60 miles of the ride exclaiming about the great weather, and then we spent the next 60 miles watching the clouds roll in and a few raindrops fall. Thanks a lot, Bill! Fortunately, the clouds did not last and the sun returned to spend the rest of the day with us.

The Company. 

Felkerino and I had a great time pedaling with fellow randonneurs. We  spent the first part of the ride with Charlie, Glenn, and Bill Beck.

Charlie and Bill
Glenn and Bill

Jeff M. kept us company for the last 30 miles or so. He has a new bike!


The Critical Stops.

Critical Stop #1. Just before we turned to make the climb up Big Flat, our riding posse popped into an orchard entrance to delayer and mentally ready ourselves for more hilly miles. Everybody was in such high spirits about the day and the orchards were so lush.

Bill, at the impromptu critical stop.

Critical Stop #2. At mile 160, Felkerino and I decided to park for a few minutes in a church parking lot, rest our legs, and eat a little something. It felt great. I put my feet up on the curb, laid down in the peaceful parking lot, and watched the clouds drift in the blue sky.

Critical stop at Tom’s Creek Church Road

Just hanging out on our bikes in the middle of the country. That is the life.

Felkerino’s Obligatory Cow Photo Obsession.

Obligatory Cow Photo (c) Felkerino
Obligatory Cow Photo (c) Felkerino
Obligatory Cow Photo (c) Felkerino

Felkerino kept making me laugh. This course passed by many dairy farms, and Felkerino did his best to make sure that no cow went unphotographed. As he snapped the cows’ photos, he would tell them that he was a “world-renown cow photographer.” Felkerino is truly dedicated to the Obligatory Cow Photo.

Want to see more of what you missed? Check out my pics here, Felkerino’s photos here, and Bill’s set here. All in all, a spectacular route on a spectacular day! Thanks to Mark V. and the volunteers.

Frederick 300K Vista


  1. i didn’t know i was allowed to rest someplace else other than the controls….learn something new. i will try this next time i have some time in the bank…oh…i rarely have time in the bank – nevermind!


  2. Thanks, everybody! It was a good day to be a bike rider. And YES, Mike, you absolutely can rest outside controls.


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