Bike to Work Day, aka Friday

Today was Bike to Work day! Of course you all knew that.

In a fit of irony, Felkerino and I rode away from work  and headed to the Rosslyn stop to join the Bike to Work festivities. I have found Rosslyn to be a fun stop and not quite as crowded as the Freedom Plaza location.

After arriving, we ran into friends and had a good time people- and bike-watching. We also scored some free stuff, including lip balm, ankle bands, blinkie lights, and our annual Bike to Work Day t-shirts. The t’s are purple!

I hope some of you were able to join the festivities and freebies. It’s fun to have at least one day out of the year wear you can gather with other commuters and scrounge for water bottles.

Oh, and did I mention that the weather was fantastic? It’s true!

I’ve included a couple phone pictures of my camera pictures. Yes, it makes no sense.

Happy Friday Bike to Work Day!


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