A Bike Ride, a Burley trailer, and a new Nishiki mixte frame

Wow, this week went fast. Felkerino and I are off to join our D.C. Randonneurs friends for a little bike ride. This is one where reflective gear and lights are required.

Wear the vest, randonneurs!

Before we go, though, I would like to share that we are putting the Bridgestone MB-4 to work. This morning, Felkerino hitched the Burley trailer to it and rode off to retrieve a 1980 Nishiki mixte frame that someone gave us.

Felkerino, the Bridgestone, the Burley trailer, AND the Nishiki mixte. Wow!

Burley and the Nishiki frame

I was so proud of Felkerino for using the bike and the trailer. Managing these kinds of errands with a bicycle (as opposed to a car) is empowering!

For those wondering about the frame, the Nishiki is going to be a “project bike.” This is exactly what we need at our house. Another bike project. I like giving the dining room bike shop my business, though, especially when the outcome is a bike for me made out of free spare parts.

Look for a few Twitter updates about our ride. Felkerino is our primary ride correspondent and he can be found here. I may post a few tweets, too, so look for them here. It’s gonna be fun!

We’re off for the weekend danger panda

Bye bye for now, and have a great Friday! It’s beautiful out there.

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