D.C. Randonneur Randy Mouri Completes Race Across AMerica

It’s been an exciting 11 plus days for many D.C.-area randonneurs, as we followed fellow randonneur Randy Mouri on his solo attempt at Race Across AMerica (RAAM). Today, we finally got a glimpse of our hero in-person as he succesfully made his way across the USA to be an official RAAM finisher.

Randy, official RAAM finisher

It was inspiring to see Randy continue to press forward through the final miles of the course, even though I could not even imagine the physical and mental fatigue he was enduring. He did it with such grace and style.

Ultimately, Randy’s official time stood at 11 days, one hour, and 13 minutes. Outstanding!

Randy prepares to leave Mt. Airy

I loved seeing all the support and love for Randy from his crew, friends and family, the Severna Park Peloton, and other D.C. Randonneurs. What an adrenaline rush to see Randy on familiar roads, knowing that he was nearing the end of such an epic ride, and that we got to see just a small piece of it. Incredible!!

Randy, Chuck, and Crista in Mt. Airy
Randy and crew at the official RAAM finish

Congratulations to Randy and his crew. Also, thanks to the crew for the excellent updates on Randy’s progress throughout the ride. It meant so much to us to hear about how Randy was doing! Now, I hope you all get some well-deserved rest and relaxation!

Randy and Felkerino in Annapolis, MD

I’ll put up my full set of pics on the flickrverse soon. In the meantime, Maile’s photos are here, Chuck has a set here, Charlie’s got some here, and Mike took some that are here. And one more time… CONGRATULATIONS, RANDY!!!!


  1. Sorry I’m so slow at this. Many, many thanks for all you have done. You all made my ride so much more special. One just can’t image!!!! Love you all!!! – Randy


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