#Coffeeneuring: You’re either in, or you’re out

Two full weekends remain in the Coffeeneuring Challenge, leaving participants with four possible days to complete their remaining seven coffeeneuring rides. If you haven’t completed at least three rides by now, then you will have to wait until next time to make it to the Coffeeneuring Challenge podium.

I heart Coffeeneuring

Coffeeneurs, how have you been doing? I’ve been keeping my eye on you. Some of you, anyway. And here’s what I know.

  • I know that Joe Platzner will not be completing the Coffeeneuring Challenge this round. Joe is the Seattle Randonneur who inspired the Coffeeneuring Challenge by saying that, after Paris Brest Paris, randonneurs should work on earning a “Coffee Shop Run” medal. Coffee Shop Run became Coffeeneuring and the rest is history (being written as I type). Joe, it’s ok that you did not complete the challenge. You are still the founder of coffeeneuring!
  • I know that Girl on a Bike has been out and about coffeeneuring in the D.C. area. She’s a girl, she rides a bike, and she coffeeneurs.
  • I know that Justin Antos has been working in his rides, amid other important activities like wineries and farmers’ markets, in Virginia and D.C.
  • I know that Oregon’s Tango Cyclist is completing a beautiful flickr photo set of his coffeeneuring adventures. Well done, and the locales look lovely!
  • I know that Hudson Valley Randonneur George Swain continues the challenge in New York state, though he claims to be making it just by the skin of his teeth. I just don’t believe it, George. I think you’re making it look easy.
  • I know that Porta-John is steadily working his way through the seven-cup challenge with the D.C. coffee shops, in between longer rides such as the Seagull Century and Tour du Port (both Maryland events).
  • I know that everyone who completes the challenge will get a prize. (But it’s not a big prize so don’t quite your day jobs.)
  • I know that I probably overlooked a few other coffeeneurs, but this is what the Twitterverse told me. Did I miss you? Let me know.
Chicago Fire get coffee at Illy. And then they went out and beat D.C. United.

Thanks to everybody who has been coffeeneuring. It’s been so much fun to follow you all and to see the places you visit. You have given us some great suggestions for future coffeeneuring destinations, as Felkerino is always on the lookout for a good espresso, and I’m always looking for a rich cup of coffee. OK, Oregon is a little far, but some day?

Coffeeneur on, my friends.


  1. This challenge has been a lot of fun! We’ve been visiting various coffee shops in Montgomery County, enjoying the network of multi-use trails in our area. We’re going to try to finish the challenge this weekend as we’ll be out of town next weekend. We’re tweeting @ whatsupwheaton.


  2. Excellent, Iron Rider and Tara. I would love to hear any reports, and I’ll make sure that @whatsupwheaton is in my Twitter feed. To coffeeneuring!


  3. I just read about Coffeeneuring on GirlOnABike. I didn’t know there was a name for it. I think I’m out of the timeframe for this round, but please let me know about the next round.

    Coffeeneuring: it’s not an activity, it’s a livestyle.


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