#Coffeeneuring: One weekend remains!

Riding the Mt. Vernon Trail. Could they be coffeeneurs?

I can’t believe the Coffeeneuring Challenge has gone by so quickly! Only one weekend remains to bag those final two coffeeneuring rides to complete your seven trips to coffee. So who’s been out coffeeneuring? Glad you asked!

  • @tangobiker, who creatively named all of his coffeeneuring destinations “controles,” completed ride number seven. Where did he make the final controle? Stumptown Coffee. I’m green with envy, though I did pick up some of their beans this weekend from Boccato Gelato and Espresso. @tangobiker is not the only one I know of to complete all seven rides.
  • @whatsupwheaton, a coffeeneuring couple, finished off their coffeeneuring series this weekend, and even sent me their paperwork. Yowza!
  • Pedal ‘n Purl, wrote about her fifth coffee shop venture here. She also did a fine write-up of a New York “coffeeneuring interlude,” which I believe she defines as a coffeeneuring trip that is not by bicycle. Sounds delightful, except for the not biking there part. Find it here.
  • The Hudson Valley Randonneur closes in on his Coffeeneuring Challenge completion, by working in ride six over the weekend. I like the way George has set up each photo with a cup of coffee and a little bit of bike paraphernalia in each of his coffeeneuring pics.
  • @chespeaksailor now has five rides toward his seven. I know what he’ll be doing next weekend. Go Mike!
  • Iron Rider, out of Pennsylvania, has taken on the challenge and is down to the wire. As of his most recent blog post, he had three rides to go over the final two weekends of the challenge. I know you can do it, Iron Rider. And by the way, nice coffeeneuring photos you’ve got there!
  • @dirteng of the Porta-John blog tweeted about working in coffeeneuring trips five and six. Just one more to go!
Fall in D.C.

Unfortunately, there was no coffeeneuring for me this weekend, though my French press got in a nice workout. If you did not go coffeeneuring, I hope you were able to get outside at least a little. What a gorgeous weekend.

Don’t forget. Tomorrow is #CyclingCapTuesday. What does that mean? Ride your bike, wear a cycling cap, and tweet about it. It’s that easy so do it!


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