Utilitaire Rules Update: Pedestrian Allowance

Hi, blog readers! I’ve added an additional provision in the Utilitaire Rules. 

I Have Something to Tell You Panda

While the name of the game in the Utilitaire 12 is ride your bike, I also recognize the following things:

  1. It’s winter so there may be inclement weather that prevents a person from riding; 
  2. Some people have jobs that require them to travel and they can’t always bring their bikes along; and
  3. A major mechanical could require your bike to be in the shop and leave you sans bike.

To account for these situations, I will allow for two of your utilitaires to be by foot.  Your walk must at least 10 minutes each way, for a total of 20 minutes.

How did I decide on ten minutes? It passed my personal commen sense test in its comparability to the minimum utilitaire travel time on a bike.

All other Utilitaire rules apply. I will also update the Utilitare Rules accordingly. Happy riding (and walking)!


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