Utilitaire Roundup: the Final Week!

Yowza! The utilitaire deadline is almost upon us. Participants have until this Friday (March 16) to complete their 12 utilitaires so we are truly in the final throes of the challenge.

Lots has been happening while I’ve been away, and I’ve already received four utilitaire control cards for validation. I look forward to receiving several more in the coming days.

The zombies love Capital Bikeshare. Perfect for utilitaires!

In the meantime, here’s a summary of what’s been going on in the land of the utilitaires.

  • Lynne F. posted a fine roundup of her utilitaire exploits on her blog, which includes a link to her utilitaire flickr set. Just can’t get over those bike in the grocery store aisle photos!
  • The one and only @JudithSwallow has joined in the utilitaire activities. She’s even been riding her Brompton. Awesome!
  • An Old Guy on Two Wheels reached the Utilitaire 12 finish line this past week, with a multi-modal utilitaire to an outdoor concert and a ride to a homebrew supply store. I confess, I was unaware that special stores for homebrewing existed. The Utilitaire 12 has educated me in so many ways :).
  • A Rebalanced Life spent one day utilitairing all over the place. I love the Swift Industries front bag on the Salsa Vaya! A separate utilitaire took him to the Cascade Bicycle Club Seattle Bike Expo. Looks fun.
  • @SognRider, who has an excellent Utilitaire 12 flickr set going, also utilitaired to the Bike Expo.
  • Both Porta-John and Bicycle Bug made it to the community meeting organized by utilitaire participant Pedal ‘n Purl. They both recently completed their final utilitaires, Porta-John’s final trip being the local bike shop and Bicycle Bug‘s a dinner outing with a celebratory lap for completing the Utilitaire 12!
  • Speaking of Pedal ‘n Purl, she went on some nice outings and introduced me to a new D.C. grocery store, Smucker Farms of Lancaster County.  She also went to the downtown public library. In her description of her trip, she talks a bit about the architect who designed the library, Mies van der Rohe.
  • Physics Girl on the Loose also completed her 12th utilitaire, complete with a video of her work commute. Not content to stop at 12, I think she’s going for one more. I also enjoyed her writeup about her 11th utilitaire to the pet store, particularly her notes on ninja bike riders.
  • JDAntos ventured out for some live music- in the rain. Extra credit!
  • Baltimore-based BikesNCoffee cashed in a substitution to pedal to and from a century ride, and also utilitaired to lunch. Love that photo of the bike by the graffiti’d wall.
  • Late to the game participant Cyclofiend (welcome, Cyclofiend!) has logged two utilitaires, one to the grocery store and one to the post office. Your A. Homer Hilsen is looking good, despite the lack of fenders.
  • @tangobiker, who has completed 34 coffeeneuring trips in 25 weeks (special prize in his future?), utilitaired to the bookstore and to see The Artist. What’s the verdict on this movie, by the way?
  • Biking in Heels made it to the bike shop, encountering an interesting bicycle along the way and ending the day with a good meal. I also have to give a little shout-out to her coffeeneuring utilitaire, which she completed last week.
  • Rootchopper, who is sort of utilitairing despite himself, went to the bike shop. He did not call it a utilitaire, but it was.
  • Our far flung Utilitaire 12 challenger, Berlin by Bike, invoked the pedestrian allowance and walked with her friend to a German food truck run by New Yorkers. She later went to the salon for an eyebrow haircut. Yup!

That’s the summary. As always, if I missed anything, please feel free to add it into the comments. Thanks to everybody who’s been participating. Can’t wait to see the other people who’ve been doing the challenge sans blog postings!

UPDATE! I forgot Chesapeake Sailor!!  What’s he been up to? A 57-mile utilitaire to the tailor (!) and a trip to the grocery store that involved a lot of pedestrian and bike traffic, due to the nice weather.


  1. Can it really be a utilitaire if you ride your bike to the bike shop? Seems kind of silly to leave it home if you need a simple repair. Since you have to bring it anyway, you might as well ride it.

    As you mention I am Utiliraire Impaired. Just can’t get into the control card thing. (I’m whining. have kept a bicycle or running diary for 20 years.)

    And then there are those nasty parked cars that jump in front of me. You don’t have anywhere on the control card for episodes of gross ineptitude!

    In all seriousness, my helmet’s off to you, MG. The Utiliraire 12 took off in a big way. You built a rocket, girl!


  2. Hey! I accidentally stumbled across your blog a few weeks backs and have been enjoying the heck out of it. I’m a bike lover and cyclist but didn’t realize the whole utilitaire game until just the other day when I really had time to look back into your archives. I can’t wait until you do the next one to join the game. They sound like a blast! keep the great blogging!



    • Hi, Rochelle,

      Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. There will definitely be another challenge… not sure when, but I’ll have one!


  3. Yowza! is right! I jumped on the Utilitaire 12 challenge a bit late, with exactly 6 weeks left for the 12 rides. I thought I had through this weekend to complete it, but reading the fine print again I see that the submission deadline is the 18th. Rides must be done by Friday! I’ve got to get busy, just two more rides!


  4. Yes … go see “The Artist.” Well crafted, brilliantly scored and photographed movie about a successful silent film actor’s demise with the advent of talkies.

    Also … the bottle shop that served as my utilitaire #7 is also a home brew supply store. (They even have classes.)


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