Utilitaire 12: Final Day!

Today, March 16, is the FINAL day for completing the Utilitaire 12. If you’ve been participating in the challenge you are probably well aware of that, but just in case it escaped your mind and you still have a utilitaire pending, today (Friday) is your day!

Community Meeting Utilitaire (FridayCoffeeClub) at Swing's

People have through March 18 (that is, midnight in your area or before I wake up on the 19th) to send me their paperwork.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and seeing all the different types of riding people do in lots of different places. I also added some new blogs to my regular reading list.

As of this post, I’ve received eight submissions and I look forward to more in the next few days.

Zombies in the Bike Lane

Wishing everybody a great weekend, and all the best to those getting out for brevets this weekend!


  1. Oh good,
    For some reason I thought that I had to have the paperwork in by the end of the day today, which meant I wouldn’t be able to squeeze one more in this evening…
    This has been so much fun- it was a great idea!


  2. I didn’t mean to leave it down to the wire, but I couldn’t get an appointment at the hair dresser’s before today! Utilitaire-14! Except I may have to walk there.


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