A Utilitaire Prevented me from Posting the Utilitaire 12 Winners

I intended to announce the Utilitaire 12 winners today, but Felkerino’s and my double whammy utilitaire to dinner and the grocery store kept it from happening.

Utilitaire to the grocery store via Arlington Cemetery

I don’t want to give the Utilitaire 12 short shrift so I’ll be doing a longer post about it tomorrow. I will give you this teaser, however.

  • 14 individuals completed the Utilitaire 12; and
  • 9 participants earned an honorable mention.

Additionally, six of the 14 who successfully completed the Utilitaire 12 also came out winners during the Coffeeneuring Challenge I ran late last year. Special bonus prize!

D.C. Public Library designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

In almost unrelated news, did you know that Tuesday was the 126th birthday of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe? Thanks to Pedal ‘n Purl’s utilitaire to the D.C. Public Library, I learned that Mies was the library’s architect. Pretty cool!

Until tomorrow!


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