Colorado High Country 1200K Photos

Hard for me to believe that the Colorado High Country 1200K is now in the books. Felkerino and I spent the last six months working toward this event, and suddenly it’s back to business as usual. No 1200K on the horizon, just the regular routine.

To keep the post-event blues at bay, I’ve been reviewing, uploading, and captioning my photos of our four days of riding.

Below is a preview of each set. To see each day in detail, just click on the corresponding image and you will be taken to the appropriate flickr set. I hope you enjoy taking a virtual ride with Felkerino and me.

Colorado High Country 1200K: Day 1
Colorado High Country 1200K: Day 2
Colorado High Country 1200K: Day 3
Colorado High Country 1200K: Day 4

Like I said last week, we had a fantastic ride. Felkerino wrote up an excellent synopsis of our experience over at The Daily Randonneur, promising a full ride report later. As for me, I will probably write something, too, but I think I’ll take some time to catch up on sleep and figure out what our next challenge will be.

See you on the commute, all.


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