Giving Thanks for Good Stories

I hope you have been enjoying the Coffeeneuring Rewind posts as much as I have. I’m learning so much about the places people visited, coffeeneurs’ beverage preferences, and assessments of the beverages served. I also have a growing database of coffeeneuring destinations in various parts of the country.

This week, I took a small break from perusing coffeeneuring stories while making my bi-annual appearance at jury duty. Yep. In D.C. you will be called in for jury duty every two years. As I awaited jury selection, I read Mark Twain’s highly entertaining essay, “Taming the Bicycle.”

I burst out in unexpected laughter as I read Twain’s tale of learning to ride, trying not to draw attention to myself as I read along. It transported me outside the halls of the courthouse and back to the days when I first took the daring step to have the training wheels taken off my own bike. I resorted to a combination of weaving and paddling circles on a little red bike in my parents garage, hidden from any potential onlookers (or, in my case, siblings) until I finally figured out the basics of two-wheeled transport.

I have so much to be thankful for. This year, I give special thanks for the stories people have shared. Thanks to everyone for your ride reports, coffeeneuring stories, BikeDC reflections, and utilitaire tales over the past year.

And now, I must depart. Time to ride and deliver this pecan pie. Hope it remains intact and edible! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary and Ed! And thanks for all of your stories and photos during the year.

    By the way, I knew a guy who moved out of Baltimore City because he got tired of being called to jury duty so often. On the other hand, I think it would be interesting to be on a jury once. I’ve been called three times in Howard County but never came close to serving on an actual jury.


    1. Thanks, Bill, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and THANKS for all that you do for D.C. Randonneurs. Yes, it is interesting to serve, though most of us hold our breath in hope we won’t be selected!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Mary and Ed — oddly enough, I’ve been a DC resident, voter, and taxpayer for more than 8 years, and never been called for jury duty!


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