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Happy Holidays (and a Book Recommendation)!

Co-Motion Tandem in Rock Creek

Happy holidays!

If you have any breaks from the hustle and bustle this week, I recommend a read of this lovely book, The Velocipede: its History, Varieties and Practice , by J.T. Goddard.

Written in 1869, The Velocipede offers an informative look back at the bicycles and bike culture of the time. It even includes a chapter of comprehensive instructions for the beginning rider, and another that focuses on the possibilities of cycling for ladies, i.e., velocipedestriennes.

Those who like bicycles and have any interest in their history will enjoy Goddard’s book. Also, what do you have to lose? The book is absolutely FREE from Google Play. I love how accessible publications like this have become.

All the best to you this season, dear readers. I hope you are surrounded by peace, love, friendship, bicycles, and good coffee.


  1. Happy Holidays back to you and a year-end thanks for lots of enjoyable, and informative, and participatory blogging! Velocisdpede: the book is a fun trip into history, especially on a relentlessly rainy day. Thanks for the link. The author’s assertion that the future of the human race depends on our bike riding was definitely an affirmation for all the time I spend on my bike!


    • Thanks, Joan! Yes, the future of the human race depends on BIKES! I also love how he tells readers to pay no attention when people laugh at them while they learn to ride. There are so many quotable phrases in this book. I’m glad you liked it, too!


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