Goin’ on a Bike Tour: a Return to Simple

As I write this post, Felkerino is breaking apart and boxing up our Co-Motion Java (more on that burly beast and the S&S Coupler cases in a later post) and we’re packing for our upcoming bike tour out west.

I love the city, but the time has come for a break from the grind. Bike touring is an ideal escape, a true release from my regular life. I focus on the task at hand, the sights and vistas around me, the pressure of the pedals beneath my feet, and the miles to the next town.

I unplug from the computer. A welcome disconnect from what’s going on in the world envelops me. My life is reduced to Felkerino, two or three baggies, sunglasses, and a Camelbak.

Let's go bike touring! Photo by Felkerino
Let’s go bike touring! Photo by Felkerino

The first photo in this post includes every item I will take with me on our tour, including the clothes I’ll wear on the first day. The only things missing from this pic are my Camelbak, camera, shoes, and chargers.

Bike touring always reminds me of how much excess crap I own. How did I come to have all this stuff? Argh!

Life does not have to be so cumbersome. I keep learning through bike touring and stumbling upon return to the everyday, which can be full of copious distractions and general junk.

I can’t wait to start our bike tour. More to come.


  1. One of the best lessons learned on a bike tour is how to live simply. I felt I led a pretty minimalist lifestyle before we started our tour, and I’m quickly learning how little we truly need to be happy. Life experiences hold so much more value.


  2. Tell us more about what you’re packing and how long you plan to be on the road. I’ve never bicycle toured, but I plan on giving it a try this year. No camping for me, I plan on staying in motels, etc.
    Have a great trip,


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