Commute Essentials: Klean Kanteen Cages

Quickbeam at the grocery. Klean Kanteen on the ground.

A few years ago I began commuting with steel Klean Kanteen bottles. I liked using the steel bottles, but because Klean Kanteens are narrower in circumfrence than a standard plastic water bottle and I use stainless steel cages almost exclusively, the metal on metal made the Kanteens rattle away on city streets like nobody’s business.

I suppose I could have put some kind of fabric covering over the bottles to diminish noise, but instead I purchased a plastic cage specifically designed for the Klean Kanteen bottle. I installed one on my Surly LHT and another on my Rivendell Quickbeam.

As you can tell by the photos, this post focuses on the cage as it appears on my Quickbeam, since that is the bike I have been using of late as my regular commuter. 

After attaching the cage I had to admit it did not give my bike any additional style points. The cage’s black plastic struck me as slightly cheap looking and it did not blend subtlely into the bike like my stainless steel cages do.

I was also skeptical of the durability of the plastic Klean Kanteen cages. However, now that I have had these cages for more than three years, I can attest to their resilience as well as their versatility.

The Klean Kanteen cages have seamlessly weathered wind, rain, D.C. potholes, and regular use without any obvious fatigue or breaking.

Klean Kanteen cage and California Chardonnay
Klean Kanteen cage and California Chardonnay

I’ve also learned that these cages do more than just transport Klean Kanteens. They’re also ideal for hauling bottles of wine (and almond butter, not pictured!).

That is awesome because it means I do not have to take the precious grocery space of my panniers or saddlebags and occupy it with a bottle of vino. My beverages have their own special spots.


If I still need to carry my Klean Kanteen in the steel cage, I will wrap it in a sock or something else undignified in order to make sure my liquids arrive home safe and sound.

I’m so glad my story has a happy ending.

Any other cages out there worth considering for beverage transport?


  1. Yep! The Klean Kanteen cages are not “stylish”, but they sure are functional. I’ve got quite a bit of the cages on my various bikes. And while they are pretty durable, I did eventually manage to crack one. But Klean Kanteen was great: I took a few photos, filed a warranty claim, and got it replaced!


    • So good to know they stand by their product! Like I said, they are much more durable than I initially gave them credit for being. Hopefully I have not jinxed myself by writing this :), but even so, three years with one of these cages is pretty good.


  2. Yeah, I ended up using Bontrager plastic cages (color-matched of course) on my bikes as I use insulated stainless steel bottles in winter for hot tea. No rattle, plus I used them once to transport a couple bottles of cheap rum to a younger rider of about 23.


  3. Very nice, informative blog. You have definitely convinced me. Will now order two cages.. fill both with bottles of vino. Oh… water… well… I’ll just have to think of somewhere else to transport that..!! LoL


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