When the Ride is the Destination: Following the Colorado River

At its core, today’s ride was a 90-mile tour of several roads flanking the Colorado River in the hills between Kremmling and Glenwood Springs.


Our ride consisted of paved and gravel stretches that Felkerino routed for us based on tour planning consultation with local randonneurs John Lee and Foon.


I almost feel it wrong to call some of the unpaved sections gravel, as they were in such smooth and pristine condition.

The terrain was more challenging than I expected, given that we sidled along near the river most of the day. There were lots of short grinding climbs in the first 60 miles, and the last 30 gave way to kinder faster rollers.


From start to finish our route was rife with beauty. Temps were hot (reaching mid-90s), but the sun and low humidity made for glorious riding.


As we rode along, vehicles hauling a variety of outdoor gear occasionally passed us– dirt bikes and ATVs, boats, and lots of kayaks. People were taking advantage of Sunday to fill the day with outdoor adventure.


As they passed I realized that for Felkerino and me, every pedal stroke on the road was our destination, our adventure.


Yes, these roads were taking us from A to B, but we chose A and B because we wanted to see all that lay between them. Each turn revealed an expansive and majestic landscape, full of views of the flowing Colorado River and the arid beauty around it .


Today’s ride filled me with gratitude, as riding often does. I am so grateful that this earth holds such beauty and that I am fortunate to be able to see even the smallest bits of it with my partner on our bicycle.


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