Coffeeneuring Challenge Housekeeping

As the Coffeeneuring Challenge heads into the final two weekends I thought it a good time for some coffeeneuring housekeeping.


I also thought I would feature a few photos from my bike commutes this week as it has been such a pretty time of transition here in D.C.


ITEM 1: Veterans Day

In recognition of Veterans Day, you may coffeeneur on Monday, November 11, in addition to the weekend days. A total of two trips may count.

However if you are a veteran, you may coffeeneur Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. All three trips may count toward your completion of the challenge. Thank you, veterans, for your service.


ITEM 2: Coffeeneuring Challenge Submissions

As of this writing, 12 individuals have completed the challenge and submitted their electronic paperwork.

All submissions must be sent to me via email to gersemalina “at” As previously stated in the rules, you can send me your stuff in the form of photos plus narrative, links to Tweets or blog write-ups, on-line photo galleries, Word documents, or any other method my computer understands.

You will receive an email from me acknowledging receipt. If you do not get an email back from me within a day, then I did not receive your submission.

Please send me a snail mail address along with your entry so I can send you your prize.

I think that covers it. Enjoy the weekend, everybody!


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