We Interrupt This Brevet for …

Sometimes when riding my bike, I feel like I’m inside a video game that’s throwing all manner of obstacles my way, and I have to react and deal with them in order to move on to the next level.

Stopping to put on reflectives on the 600K. Me.
Stopping to put on night gear. Photo by Felkerino

Last weekend’s 600K had a fair number of these– enough that I began to take notice.

We interrupt this brevet to corral a cow.

Escaped cow in the road.
Luring the escaped cow back into the field.
Taking photos of the escaped cow.
Escaped cow! Let’s take photos.

That was exciting. Reminded me of Iowa and this one time where I was coming back for a run and helped lady shepherd pigs off the road. The good old days!

We interrupt this brevet for a train.

Stopping for a train on the 600K
Stopped for a train.

It was long but fast-moving, and we resumed our pedaling after a few minutes. The final miles passed uninterrupted. Mile 242. Time to take a break.

We interrupt this brevet for high water, road closed.

High Water
High Water: Road Closed. Photo by Felkerino

In one spot of the ride, the road appeared to be under water. Lucky for us Damon, who rode through the area in the wee hours, was the first to encounter the flooded road and called into brevet headquarters so that we could all easily navigate around it.

We interrupt this brevet for a half-marathon.

In the next mile or so after the detour, we were stopped in our tandem tracks by a nonstop flow of runners. It was a little after 7 a.m., and our jaunt through Fredericksburg perfectly coincided with the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon.

Historic Half in Fredericksburg, 600K
Running into the Historic Half.

The fast runners were packed tightly and moving quickly so we had no choice, but to stop and cheer them on. “Go runners!” It was so much fun to see them and to observe a little of the event, which boasted over 6,000 finishers.

Runners on the Historic Half
Watching the Historic Half runners go by. Photo by Felkerino

After a while, the participants thinned and slowed enough that we spied a big enough break between runners to cross over to the other side of the street and resume course. Bye runners!

We interrupt this brevet for a motorcycle procession.

Twenty miles further and we again found our tandem (and us on it) halted by the local police as motorcycle after motorcycle passed in front of us.

Motorcycle procession on the 600K
We interrupt this brevet for a motorcycle procession.
Stopped for the motorcycles on the 600K
Taking a break while the motorcycles pass.

High water, a cow, motorcycles, a train, and runners. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a ride with such a variety of unexpected encounters.

Felkerino and me
Felkerino and me. We love the craziness of this ride. Photo by Rick R.

I could not help but laugh at this rich potpourri of minor obstructions. I wonder what level I would be on if this brevet had been a video game.


  1. Funny that you compared it to a video game. I often compare my first marathon to being in a movie. I can still see the scenes in my mind’s eye over 30 years later.


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