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CO Tour Day 7: Wolf Creek Pass, I Think I Love You


As we began the steady ascent up Wolf Creek Pass, I wished that I had known about it years earlier. I wished that I had begun bike touring years earlier. If I had, then maybe I would have basked in the magnificence of this pass years ago. If only, if only.


An eight-mile climb that reaches 10,862 feet at its high point, it is spectacular. Evergreens cover imposing rock formations and the big sweep of the road allows you to see where you’ve been, where you’re going, all while giving you that “I am awesome for riding this” vibe.


At the summit and most of the way down we endured a hearty rain shower which took away some of the awesome and was also cold, but I felt so satisfied with our Wolf Mountain climb that not even a downpour and soggy socks could take away my joy.


The rain also gave Felkerino and me a chance to use our rain jackets and helmet covers. I learned today that my helmet cover had stretched so much that it would not fit tightly to my helmet. Felkerino said I looked like I was wearing a floppy hat with an eye patch. At least it did not fly off and successfully kept my noggin dry.


After all that excitement, lunch in South Fork and a dogged slog up to Creede, where we’re overnighting– 68 more tour miles in the bank.


Farewell, Wolf Creek Pass. Until next time.


  1. Hi guys, It really was you that we saw on Wolf Creek pass on Sat just afternoon, we were headed out of south fork and over to Pagosa Springs to see the chimney rock moon rise ceremony. I think you missed the worst of the rain on the pass. It was fun to see you all and Hope you enjoy our mountains.


  2. Are you credit card touring or camping? It looks like you are traveling light! Enjoy the rest of your vacation.


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