Giving Thanks for Bike Rides

Ten years ago I began life as a daily bike rider, after years of mass transit and more driving than I care to remember.

My bike was my tour guide, encouraging me to explore and familiarize myself with the city.

Because of bike rides, I gained physical strength and confidence.

Surly LHT in DC
Surly LHT in DC

Through a friend of a friend I learned about the D.C. Randonneurs, and soon began clipping in with them on brevets and flèche rides.

The D.C. Randonneurs welcomed me, and their bike rides taught me that I was tougher than I knew and could ride more miles in one go than I ever imagined, in weather I previously considered un-rideable.

Trail Ridge Road, Colorado
Trail Ridge Road, Colorado

Because of my daily bike rides and weekend brevets, I began to feel a sense of belonging to the city and a connection to people that I hadn’t during my initial years residing in Washington, D.C.

It was thanks to a bike ride– ten years ago– that I met my tandem and life partner, Felkerino. We rode 100 miles on our first date (my first time on a tandem), and we just kept on riding together.

Our bike rides have taken us to places I never thought I would see, at least not from the perch of my saddle.

Igor and Felkerino at the Philly BIke Expo
Igor and Felkerino at the Philly BIke Expo

Through my daily rides in the city, I began meeting other local cyclists. I’ve shared good bike talk, friend talk, Friday Coffee Clubs, and miles of pedaling along with good #BikeDC friends.

Eunice and me: coffeeneuring
Eunice and me. #BikeDC meets #BikeNC through bikes rides and coffeeneuring

My bike rides inspired me to begin this blog and, later, to launch the Coffeeneuring Challenge and the Errandonnee.

These events, which are all about using your bike to go places, led the way for me to connect virtually with other bike riders, some of whom I have had the unexpected good fortune to meet in real life.

Self-confidence, fitness, friendship, camaraderie, laughs, and true love. I found them all through bike rides.

Potts Mountain, Virginia
Potts Mountain, Virginia

Happy Thanksgiving, bike rider buddies.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy 10th Anniversary!

    Similar story here (fitness, confidence, engagement, friendships, travel and true love) though perhaps not quite on your epic scale! 😉

    All the best.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving from Finland as well! I want to give thanks for bike rides, Friday Coffee Clubs and the welcoming #BikeDC spirit in general. All that made a huge difference for my Fulbright year. I miss you all!


  3. Happy Thanksgiving for friends, family, and bikes! I may put my bike away for some salty weeks or months ahead but I’ll be looking forward to more challenges from you.


  4. Thanks for that post MG. Inspirational. I have a long way to go in terms of ability to ride a long ( or even a moderate) way on a bike. But as they say, the longest journey starts with the first step. Jim D. Massachusetts


  5. Yes, yes, yes – I never thought when I retired that I’d take up biking, it wasn’t even on the radar but what a joy it’s been. So well done and thanks for greetings from a non-thanksgiving Scotland.


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