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Rounding Out 2014 With The Hains Point 100

For the third consecutive year, Felkerino and I pedaled around with our #BikeDC peeps to support the Hains Point 100, an event hosted by Megan (and friends) to raise money and awareness for WABA’s Women & Bicycles program.

Nelle of WABA, with pre-ride announcements

Nelle of WABA, with pre-ride announcements

Felkerino and I have come to view this event not only as a fundraiser, but also like a holiday kickoff. Held close to Christmas week, it’s the last weekend before people scatter in earnest until we ring in the New Year.

Felkerino waits to roll out

Felkerino waits to roll out

“Wanna do one last ride?” We casually ask each other.
“Yes, let’s. One more. Then I must run and bake cookies (buy presents, visit my parents, pick up so-and-so from the airport, wrap gifts, blah blah blah holiday things).”
“Okay, see you on Hains Point,” we say.

Hains Point 100. Sherry, Ted, Michael, and Shawn

And we carve out that Sunday morning time slot and pedal time and miles away with our biking buddies.

Ricky, popping wheelies in his Santa sweater

Ricky, popping wheelies in his Santa sweater

It doesn’t matter how fast you ride. Whatever your pace, you will find someone to ride with you. Or if you do ride alone, other riders will always be nearby.

Hains Point 100

It isn’t important how far you go. Since Hains Point is a 3.2-mile loop, you can keep going until you ride a full century, a couple of hours, or whatever feels right for you and your bike.

Dave and Jean on their Co-Motion Speedster

Dave and Jean on their Co-Motion Speedster

You can even ride the Hains Point 100 on a CaBi, if you dare!

Hains Point 100

Rod pedals 100 Hains Point miles on Capital Bikeshare

Whenever you tire, you can take a break and have a snack. This year, several food treats were donated, and the talented Sol of Acme Pie Company had prepared some dense and delectable coffee cake and pie combination that kept my tank fueled for several miles.

Saul and ACME pies, and this Raleigh!

S0l and Acme pies, and this Raleigh!

Felkerino and I were initially on the couple of hours plan and ended up riding, chatting, and taking photos until we had registered 100K on our odometers.

Hains Point 100 riders

For about five seconds I contemplated a full century, but that really didn’t sound very enjoyable to me. Lunch, on the other hand, sounded like an excellent idea.

We headed off to lunch with our friends and fellow tandemers Mike and Lisa.

Mike and Lisa, on the DaVinci

Mike and Lisa, on the DaVinci

Many thanks to Megan for creating the Hains Point 100. It brings home the importance of building a community of both women and men who ride.

Hains Point 100 riders

The Hains Point 100 also reminds me of how lucky I feel to be part of the BikeDC community. And the fellowship and fun of riding around in the brisk December air always succeeds in putting me in the holiday spirit.

P.S. My full set of pics from the ride is here.


  1. Happy Holidays to everyone here! Coffeeneur 2014 has been amazing riding, tandemed to fantastic reporting and narratives shared here. Looking forward to more wheels rolling and writings typed in 2015. I need to get my act together to recount some of my wanderings too…

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