Errandonnee 2015 Preview

Errandonnee fans and scenesters! Cold and snow are here, and soon the Errandonnee will also join us.

Save the Dates: March 5 – March 16, 2015
12 days.
12 errands.
30 total miles.

Complete rules to follow in a couple weeks. The rulemaking panel is currently in negotiations to reduce them from 50 to a more manageable number.

In the meantime, here is a preview of the UPDATED Errandonnee categories to help put you in the Errandonnee mood. They have been revised based on previous participants’ feedback.

The intention behind these changes is to broaden the categories as well as update them to suit the diverse errand-drive life of errandeurs everywhere.

1. Personal Care
2. Personal Business
3. You carried WHAT on your bike?! (Thanks to Rachel C. for this suggestion!)
4. Arts and Entertainment
5. Non-Store Errand
6. Social Call (includes restaurants, coffee, and other social activities)
7. Work
8. Store (includes bike shop, grocery store, etc. You know, a store)
9. Wild Card (surprise me!)

Imagine the grand errandonneuring times that await us! Just a few more weeks.


  1. Oh no. I’ll be on travel 3/7-15. Looks like some biking in FL (3/13-15) could happen but it isn’t likely at Big Sky! Can I do all 12 in two days?

    My heart will be leaden at missing both Coffeeneuring and the Errandonnée.


    Sent from my iPhone which sometimes has a mind of its own.



  2. I was injured and couldn’t ride for the last (2014) coffeeneuring so I’m super excited to join in the errandonnee challenge!


  3. Looking forward to the “event” and the new outline of rules. Studying the rules always keeps me on my toes, or pedals as the case may be.


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