Day 5. Adventure Cycling Headquarters

We are currently overnighting in Missoula, Montana, after a short mellow 50-mile day from Hamilton.


The ride itself is nothing to write home about, but I’ll share a quick summary. We took the Bitterroot Bike Trail, a multi use path that parallels the busy 4-lane highway of US-93. There was a fairly constant soundtrack of cars and trucks rolling down the road.


Fortunately the flat terrain and helpful tailwind meant fast progress to Missoula. We bee-lined to Adventure Cycling headquarters, where we were treated to a tour of their offices.

While there, we heard that one of our BikeDC friends had informed the office that we would be visiting. I met Jen, the cartographer behind the @acaroutes Twitter feed.


We also received a sweet note left for us by a bikey acquaintance who is currently riding cross-country, and was in Missoula two days ago. And we have tentative plans to meet with a Montana coffeeneur tomorrow during our layoff day.

All cyclists who pass through Adventure Cycling get their picture taken and it is placed on one of their walls. Even though ours is but a two-week loop tour, we joined the many photos already posted.


For people who don’t know anyone in Montana or Idaho, I’d say we’re doing pretty well. Bicycling is a great tool for exploring new places, and it continues to connect me to others in ways I don’t anticipate. Long live the bicycle!


Thanks to Adventure Cycling for the warmest of welcomes, and to Whitney for the encouraging note. Also, thank you to everybody who is reading along and following our Instagram and Flickr posts. Felkerino and I are two lucky bike riders.


  1. MG,
    “The ride itself is nothing to write home about” – No, every day on a trip like that is worth writing home about! Thanks for the great posts. My wife and I are making sure the roads in Virginia get cyclists on them while you and Felkerino are away.


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